New, Almost Nude Antonella Barba Photos: Wet and Wild

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It doesn't get much more pornographic than the recent Antonella Barba blowjob photos. However, a case could be made that girl with her mouth full in those pics is not actually the American Idol contestant.

The same can't be said for the Antonella Barba pictures below.

These are definitely the New Jersey native; posed for, wet, wild and yearning to be nude. All of a sudden, Katie Rees really does face stiff, lewd competition... 

We have no idea if these pics will get Barba thrown off Idol or not. But we do know that Britney Spears should send the singer a box of chocolates - who's gonna pay attention to a shaved head when these photos are floating around?!?

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Noe lets see American Idol try and get rid of her LOL


Her "best friend" probably put these photos on the internet in a jealous rage!


yu rock
youll always be my idol


what woman hasnt given a bj, and what man hasnt recieved one? i dont see the big deal here. we dont know she posted these! i think everyone needs to geta life.


it's terribly sad that girls like this are reassured that their behavior is acceptable. I hope her parents and family are horribly ashamed of her. Being a slut who has no talent but uses the sluttyness to sell herself...isn't that what porn is for? the whole point of the show is to find a singer not a playboy model. It's disgusting and it's very sad that she feels that she had to "accidentally" release those pictures to get attention. When did being talented stop being attractive? Lets teach our daughters and sisters to hang their tits out and be whores and that will get them far in life. to all you gross guys leaving messages about how hot she is and what you want to do with her...imagine your little sister/niece/cousin/daughter being that girl. makes you think doesn't it? perverts


The one that is really getting the raw end of the deal is they guy in the pics. Poor guy and his little cock. Antonella is smoking, can't carry a tune in a dump truck , but I'd impregnate her!


Yes she is lovely and this is what she should stick to...Her talent obviously lies more in her beauty than in her mediocre singing talent. I do wish the hormonally challenged would stop voting for her because there are some racy pictures of her that they can satisfy their urges with, and actually vote for the contestant who can sing.




I don't think the pictures are such a big deal, since all the really nasty ones are fake. But, she is definitely not the best singer on American Idol and my opinion is that she should be voted off. I was very disappointed that she is still in the contest, and I think it has to do with these pictures. I thought American Idol was first and foremost a singing competition, but obviously, some people are voting based on how hot someone is rather than their talent. I do think she'll do something big with her looks, but definitely not a singing career.


This girl hasn't done anything wrong. If I had a body like that I'd show it off too. Looks like her best friend or someone close is really jealous, and why shouldn't they be. Get over it, it's not like she's naked folks. I've seen alot worse! Like, Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton.