New, Almost Nude Antonella Barba Photos: Wet and Wild

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It doesn't get much more pornographic than the recent Antonella Barba blowjob photos. However, a case could be made that girl with her mouth full in those pics is not actually the American Idol contestant.

The same can't be said for the Antonella Barba pictures below.

These are definitely the New Jersey native; posed for, wet, wild and yearning to be nude. All of a sudden, Katie Rees really does face stiff, lewd competition... 

We have no idea if these pics will get Barba thrown off Idol or not. But we do know that Britney Spears should send the singer a box of chocolates - who's gonna pay attention to a shaved head when these photos are floating around?!?

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Hot, but I've seen hotter. Don't care if she gets "kicked" off AI for these pics but hope she goes home soon because her voice is awful! Too bad because she is nice to look at. Just plug your ears!!!!!


She is a pretty girl. A lot of people in their late teens and early twenties get wasted and do this kind of stuff. So what! Their choice... I do not feel bad for her because she knew she was taking a risk of these pics getting on the internet when she did them, and if not, then she is ignorant. As for her singing career, I wouldnt hold your breath!!! Perhaps Playboy but not any good at singing.


Damn that girl is Fine and sexy and has big tits


Back in high school, A.B. gave me a belgian steamer...later she let me give her a chili rainbow....She was into me nibbling on her clit..




wonder if she swallows the load


The only way girls can get anything in this world. Hooray to you slut.


she can't sing.
but hot pics.


Its bullsh*t she is still on 'Idol' on looks alone and some slutty picutes....She can definatly sing better then most people, but she is not nearly as good as the competition...wake up america and be fair to the people on the show who **SING** better then her...isn't 'american idol' a singing competition after all?


Wow Antonella Barba is very sexy i would love to get laid by her any day. And ill give her a little lesson on the penis. Her titties are nice and big i want to just squeeze them