New, Almost Nude Antonella Barba Photos: Wet and Wild

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It doesn't get much more pornographic than the recent Antonella Barba blowjob photos. However, a case could be made that girl with her mouth full in those pics is not actually the American Idol contestant.

The same can't be said for the Antonella Barba pictures below.

These are definitely the New Jersey native; posed for, wet, wild and yearning to be nude. All of a sudden, Katie Rees really does face stiff, lewd competition... 

We have no idea if these pics will get Barba thrown off Idol or not. But we do know that Britney Spears should send the singer a box of chocolates - who's gonna pay attention to a shaved head when these photos are floating around?!?

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esta e espetacular


I dont reli care cuz I didn't even like her anywayzzz SHE STUNK!!


i'd strap on a fat dildo and hit her in the ass and pussy


Nawww like garlic!!!


the girl smells like cabbage in's bloody horrific!


In response to tj: what do you mean the guy got the raw end of the deal ? At least he got the blowjob.


Hey: If the tool were much bigger she could be the next Linda Lovelace instead it's just another "blow" job. Does anyone know if she's a spitter or does she swollow?


see the pics


Plain and simple the Women is fine give her credit she has it going on, I'm a Marine veteran and sure I could find it offensive "if I wanted too" but come on AMERICANS take it easy there is no way she even thought that would be offensive to anyone, that is just Youth playing itself out, and hopefully she doesnt have to pay for it. Now can she sing??????
She looks good though!!!!!!!!!!


The picture where she suck a guys well...u know is not even her. Her so called best friend framed her.ITS NOT HER!!!!