Almost Nude Heidi Montag Pictures + Interview = Niiiice!

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On the hit MTV series The Hills, Heidi Montag plays the role of Lauren Conrad's supportive BFF - and the romantic rival of ex-pal, Audrina Patridge. That biatch!

But in a surprising and candid interview with Us Weekly, Heidi Montag boasts she's even prouder playing a scantily-clad blondie in an 8-page spread inside the March issue of Stuff magazine, which Us has - thankfully - obtained a sneak preview of (see below).

Heidi in Rehearsal

When not posing nearly nude, Heidi Montag has also been recording an album with producer David Foster - and is a little bitter about not being Stuff's cover girl.

"They said they couldn't put me on the cover until I was 21," said LC's confidant and pal on The Hills. "I guess advertisers don't like young girls being on the cover."

Montag, who played matchmaker by hooking Conrad up with bachelor-about-town Brody Jenner, reveals even more than her hot body in an interview with Us:

Us: What do you think about not being old enough for the cover?
Heidi Montag: "I do think it is unfair that I didn't get the cover because of my age, but I understand, and it gives me something to look forward to when I turn 21."

Us: Do you think the photo spread is sexy?
Heidi Montag: "Obviously, they are sexy. Mostly because I am hardly wearing anything! I was excited to show a side of myself that people don't get a chance to see just watching The Hills. Spencer Pratt (her manager-boyfriend and Hills co-star) definitely likes them!"

Us: What does Lauren Conrad think of the pics?
Heidi Montag: "She will probably think they are provocative, but hopefullly she will like them."

Us: Were you nervous about doing the shoot?
Heidi Montag: "I was definitely nervous about this shoot. It is my first big spread in any magazine and it was a very sexual photo shoot. I wore different swimsuits and outfits. The most provocative photos were either the ones in the pool where I am splashing around in the water, or the poses on the bearskin rug. I definitely had a lot of fun doing it."

Us: What's your message to your teenage girl fans by taking sexy photos like these?
Heidi Montag: "If they get a chance to do a [national magazine] photo spread [at my age], and they feel comfortable with their bodies, then they should do it. That's my message."

Us: So you want to be a pop star?
Heidi Montag: "I am working on my album right now. The sound is going to be very fun, fresh, sexy. It will be the Pussycat Dolls-meets-Gwen Stefani, with a dose of Fergie. I grew up dancing so there also will be a lot of performing. And a lot of my songs will be very sexual."

Us: Do you think Audrina is going to be jealous of your spread?
Heidi Montag: "Ha! I would be, but I honestly don't think she will be."


I'm not hating on her "bod", I think she's the most pathetic loser I've ever seen. She obviously has low self esteem to be sticking with Spencer, who she knows is a man whore. He has heidi wrapped around his finger, she deserves him for being that stupid, to let a guy come before her best friend.
Most people think she's a stupid idiot.... goooo team heidi *puke*


AND...the layouts are great. What kind of people attack a woman's body because they hate her character on television? Wake up, people. You obviously aren't any better of a person than Spencer is.


This is soooo sad! I feel awful for you! You really need to get away from that guy! From experience, if everyone you know hates the guy, he is not worth the time and it will not last. Don't be naive and sacrifice the good things in your life for a moment in time with the wrong WRONG guy for you.


just because you all hate spencer does not mean you should be drinking haterade on heidi's body. I think I missed all of your layouts in Stuff magazine, what months were they?


Heidi, what a shame that you have wasted your beautiful life in search of what? what is it that you think all of this going to give you ? Is this what you thougt it wouldbe like? Are you wanting to be famous at any cost ?What's next PLAYBOY? I feel sorry for you : (


Wow Heidi, how does it feel to be outed as the dumbest girl to ever walk the face of the Earth? I really hope that you actually read this stuff, because you seriously need a wake up call. I am soooooo glad that Lauren finally realized how much you suck, hopefully I won't have to watch your dumb ass on another season of The Hills. Spencer looks like a cabage patch doll. To bad you sold your sole to him to make your "sweet" album. I'm sure it will be great...not.




okay, really though you need to get over yourself. Heidi your not the star of the Hills Lauren is. Lauren is wayyy prettier than you and so is Audrina and Whittney. and Spencer looks like a mutin fish! how could you even look at that thing? Let alone live with him?! gross... either go back and live with Lauren or stay with Spencer. Besides Lauren should just forget you, your a bad friend anyway!


cant stand the evil bitch! Cant believe she fell for a slimey dickface like spencer! could he be more disgusting?


heidi has a really weird body...her torso is really really long and then she has total saddle bags, short unshapely stick legs and no tits and her face looks really masculine. Spencer is so disgusting looking and he is a total mental freak, she gets whatever std is coming to her from him. he needs cosmetic surgery on his mouth so it will close.

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