Natalie Portman is Gorgeous, Maybe Dating Josh Hartnett

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The headline above sums up all we know.

The actress, who we've come to love in Garden State, the Star Wars trilogy and other films, keeps a relatively low profile for a superstar. She's like the anti-Tara Reid. In just about every conceivable way. Which is good. Tara Reid blows.

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But anyway. What we're saying is that whenever Natalie Portman does decide to make a public appearance, she steals the spotlight instantly.

Recently, she hit up an Armani fashion show along with other celebs - one of whom she has been linked romantically to of late. That would be Josh Hartnett.

The actor, who once dated Scarlett Johansson before moving on to the lovely Amber Sainsbury, is kind of annoying to us. But he sure is handsome. Time will tell if Natalie, who was dating Jake Gyllenhaal last summer, sees something in Josh that we don't.

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Natalie is dating Gael Garcia Bernal and has been for over one year. They previously dated 2003-2004. Nat and Gael spent Oscar night together as their official coming out as a couple.


Natalie is back with Gael... or at least she was with him after the Oscars and as much as I admire Gael, Josh is even hotter!