Mother of Anna Nicole Smith Blames Drugs, Fears for Future of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern

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The mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith predicted that the fight over her granddaughter would get "ugly," while dismissing Anna Nicole's rags-to-riches self-portrayal as mere myth-making.

In an interview on Good Morning America, a disconsolate, almost disgusted Virgie Arthur described Anna Nicole as "wild and crazy," and reiterated that she'd warned her daughter to stop using drugs.

Larry and Dannielynn

She added that she "really sincerely" worries about five-month-old Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, and wants her to be with her father.

Of course, it's unclear if that is Howard K. Stern or Larry Birkhead. Hence why Arthur, when asked about the pending paternity battle, said: "Oh yeah, it'll get ugly."

Oddly - and almost unprompted - Arthur also took the opportunity to debunk the myth that Anna Nicole's rise to fame was a classic rags-to-riches tale.

"Why do you tell people stuff like that?" Arthur said she asked Anna Nicole. "I'll do whatever it takes," replied Anna Nicole. "If my name's out there, I make money."

It's sad, but true. In many ways, Anna was just like Kim Kardashian and a handful of other pseudo celebrities. Famous just for being famous.


just want to say...I can't believe you people on here are so "into" Howard K. Stern after he fed her drugs in her 8th mo. of pregnancy & also in the hospital during rehab. No,her mom was not around (because of Howard) he did that to not only Virgie,but any family or friends Anna had. I agree that Anna needed to be buried by Daniel but not in a foreign country that is also making money off a dead Anna & Daniel.Stern will not be able to work there,they were only there to "lose" the real father (prayerfully Larry). I can't believe there are so many dumb posters. I am not saying Virgie is PERFECT,in my mind there are NO perfect parents (including YOU)But she wasn't living off Anna OR feeding her drugs. C'mon people WAKE UP


It is so sad Anna had to die so young. I feel bad for her mother no matter what people are saying about her. No mother should go through what she has gone through. I do not belive any of the things are said about her. The love of a mother is unquestionable for a child, no matter what. So please leave the woman alone. She has been hit hard by loosing her daughter and grandson,no one should go through this pain. No one knows the truth exept Anna and her Mom herself. In the end everyone got the karma they had to get in life for whatever they have done. No mistake about that, everyone will get his/her karma for whatever we do. Hate doesn't resolve things in life,it makes matters worse. Let's respect what Anna wanted. She wanted love and peace. Let this people resolve their matters in their private ways and enough jugdging one or the other. It is a terrible loss for two young lifes and i wish they are both together and loved and in peace! It is sadd and tragic!


I think it`s just to wierd that Anna Niaka (Vickie) died just after her son . There is something going on and I hope they find out . I also think it`s time to find the truth about who the daddy of this little baby is to. It`s just one mess right after the other . Note; doesn`t any one remember the reality show she did?


And while I'm on a tear here: If Larry Dickhead smiles his self-satisfied smirk one more time I'm going to break my television. That blond nobody is and always will be nobody. The only hope he has of anyone remembering his name is if he lucks out and it turns out that his limp penis was able to get it up once and he accidentally fathered Howard K. Stern's daughter with Anna. Regardless: That blond punk will never be a true father to that poor baby girl. He's only after a payday and the same sort of attention that Virgie wants. They are both disgusting and vile. And if that poor baby girl is the birthchild of Larry D., then how ubergross for him to be smirking all over the place while DanniLynn's mama lies cold and alone on a slab waiting for a burial that he has had a hand in delaying for God's sake. What a horrid excuse for a human being. He and Virgie are cut from the same stinky bolt of cloth. Disgusting and foul creatures both.


Where do you get off judging Anna's mother bases on her looks and also based on what the media portrayes? WHy dont you gather your facts 1st. Dont depend on Anna for her mind has been in an altered state for a long time and obviously we can blame not you but your parents for raising such a superficial person who judges people on their looks and your so called intentions.

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