Lauren Conrad: Classy is Sexy, Too

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Don't get us wrong, we love Kristin Cavallari. The former Laguna Beach alpha girl is sassy and funny, not to mention hot as hell.

But there's just something about Kristin's Laguna rival, Lauren Conrad, that's more down to earth. Wholesome. Innocent. She's America's sweetheart, the girl from the multi-million dollar oceanfront mansion next door.

Lauren Conrad in Oahu

The star of MTV's The Hills explains in the new issue of Cosmo Girl that she's always been more reserved and conservative than her peers.

"Sometimes I look at what really young girls wear and I can't believe it - I have underwear that covers more than what some of them have on!"

Unlike the many Paris Hilton clones begging for publicity by flaunting their sexuality, Lauren wants her fans to know that classy is sexy, too.

"I think it's important that girls know that they can be attractive and sexy in a classy way and that guys actually like that more than when they see girls who show a lot of skin," LC said.

Of course, it helps that the possible girlfriend of Brody Jenner and definite BFF of Heidi Montag is an unabashed clothes-a-holic.

"For me," Lauren says. "I like clothes and I like to wear them to cover up."

You go, Lauren. You go.


ok just found my role model i love lauren conrad i got her clothing line in kohl's


This girl is always classy. I love how she conducts herself, especially concerning the whole fame thing. She seems like she wouldn't care if she never saw another camera again. Moreover, most of her friends seem like good people which makes me think that she must be one too. I wish her continued success in her future endeavors.


i think she a nice and kind person and i like her style i hope she find a nice and kind cute guy.


Well I´ve watched her on laguna beach and the hills, even thoug here in Bolivia we get the new episodes and seasons about 3 or 4 months later, and everytime I watched here he has found a way to behave like a lady, with class, even though she made bad choices, like fallin for a di...k like Jason, she acted naturaly and like an actuall human being. love ya lauren


spencer is nothing other than disgusting. he is so unattractive, plain and simple. AND he is a HUGE loser. my friends and i saw him get beaten up outside of a club a couple of years ago and he was about to cry. he's trash. and a scumball.
heidi is retarded for liking that pig. lauren is cute but seems to be a mess too, cause she dated that loser of a mess, jason. the best person on that show is whitney. she stays out of the drama and actually has CLASS. little girls, if they are going to look up to anybody ON TV, should look to HER as an example. she doesn't flock to drama like these idiots.
makes for good tv though. especially when you need a reminder of how good us "normal" and non-famous people have it in life!


You girls r totally right..LC is such a classy diva..I mean, her sextape is so much more tasteful than Paris Hilton's, and better quality too! What a great role model for young girls..


ya a great example of what a girl should be eh? lets see what a good example she will be seen as when her sex tape its the internet...its comming, and shes a fiend!!! p.s its with jason and hes trying to sell it before he goes to jail!


Lauren you are so Lucky to Date Brody i Think we should trouble date me and Scott Patterson you and Brody Jeaner we could Have so much fun at the club and my Other friends to Patrick Swayze and wife Lisa Neimi Ashley and his wife Tiffiney drew and his wife Leah Jessica simpson and her man John Gidding Whitney could come to i could her man with Andy Hampson is a Cartpenter from Kock first he wear a lot pf tank tops you him my is 221-0987 cell is 482-9413 my e-mail is lauren want sthe name for your car im going get the same car like you


I love LC "Lauren" she is awesome...but I DO NOT LIKE SPENCER! I hope Heidi realizes what he is doing to their relationship


I love lauren on television and think she is a fine example of what a young lady should be. She is cute, intelligent, sweet and wholesome. I hope that my young daughter will take after her mama and the girls like Lauren on tv.


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Lauren Conrad and New Boyfriend?
A Laguna Beach alumna, the gorgeous Lauren Conrad has gone on to be the star of its spin-off series, The Hills. Back in her high school... More »
Laguna Beach, California
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Lauren Katherine Conrad

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Someone with a great sense of humor is the most important thing, and someone who really supports me in everything I do... I don’t ever want to make an excuse for trying to work hard and having my own life. I love a guy that supports that and loves that.

Lauren Conrad [on men]

I don’t feel girly without long hair! There is something so sexy about having long blonde hair. It’s so feminine.

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