Lauren Conrad Absent From The Hills' Oscar After-Party

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It wouldn't be a party involving the cast of The Hills if it didn't include at least a little drama. Sunday night's Oscars after-party had plenty.

The lavish event - sponsored by Us Weekly, featuring Usonian Entertainment and the cast of MTV's The Hills - was held (fittingly) in the Hollywood Hills at the swanky home of Los Angeles real estate mogul Ronald Haft.

Cute in Plaid

The most overheard question of the night: "Where's Lauren?"

As in Lauren Conrad.

As in Brody Jenner's former girlfriend (or current girlfriend, depending on what day you read this).

As in, Heidi Montag's BFF.

"I wish she was here," Montag said.

Aww. Good to see there's no bad blood between Lauren and Heidi, who have been cat-fighting of late.

But where was Lauren? The party buzz was that LC is none-too-pleased with comments allegedly made by Hills star Spencer Pratt in a recent Details magazine article - in which he encourages pal Brody Jenner to make Nicole Richie eat as a publicity stunt and date every celebrity possible in order to increase his own fame.

Understandably, Lauren would rather stay home watching rival Kristin Cavallari on Laguna Beach re-runs than attend a party and have to lay eyes on Pratt.

For what it's worth, when asked about Lauren on the red carpet, Jenner, who spent the night surrounded, of course, by the obligatory gaggle of hot blonde chicks, gentlemanly said, "I love Lauren. It's all good."

Of course, the party, which dragged on until nearly 3:00 in the morning, wasn't all backstabs and catfights. Everyone from Jenna Jameson to that due from Borat (Ken Davitan) was in attendance for some good clean fun.


Where can you find Lauren Conrad's clothes? This is so frustrating!!! I have wanted to buy her clothes for almost a year now! She has advertised them everywhere- talk shows, magazines, etc. and said that it would be available in Oct- and nothing! Whenever, you search- you get all of this crap about MTV, The Hills, etc. when all I want is to buy the clothes!!! This is annoying and I have almost reached the point of giving up on it! Why can't you go to a website- and shop? It is not that difficult! I think that MTV is turning people away by doing all of these publicity promotions and making it impossible for the public to actually purchase the product. -


i deff think that spencer is freakin UGLY.....heidi needs to open her eyes and see the real spencer he is a joke....i think that if heidi and him broke it off lc and her could be friends again...and one thing is for sure spencer is not "playa" material


i luv lc she is soooooooooo nice; but i hate kristen, she is a bitch with capital letters she is sooooooooooo mean

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