Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Image: Ray J Gets Behind the Video

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Paris Hilton must REALLY be jealous now.

First, best, loose friend Kim Kardashian went ahead and made a sex tape.

Look at My Watch!

And reports are surfacing that it's even hotter than One Night in Paris.

Now, as this still image of the sex video reveals, Kardashian has stolen Paris' position.

The nerve!

As Ray J gives it to Kim from behind, you can almost see the smoke emanating from Hilton's ears. That is, when you aren't trying to picture Kim Kardashian nude.

As hot as this tape looks to be, we can all agree on one thing: let's hope Hilton's other close friend, Nicole Richie, never thinks about making one. Ewww.


wow, silly racist comments. Who the hell cares what her skin color is, she is very beautiful. She looks hot in every clip I have seen. Ray J looks like such a dope tho, silly ass bama. Too bad THIS is the fool she made a tape with.


better that being some skanky spic


she is sooo Pretty but she a nasty chick she should not have put herself out their like that. she's a dumb smeze. white girls i tell u!

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