Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson: The Music Video, Make Out Sessions

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This is where it all began.

Sure, Justin Timberlake has produced many music videos in the past, but none like this.

Red Carpet ScarJo

Here is the extended version of "What Goes Around," in which JT and Scarlett Johansson begin what has rumored to have been a very sexy fling in real life.

The couple sure does appear to have some serious chemistry. And Mr. SexyBack certainly can carry a tune - and a move in the sack. No wonder Kim Kardashian made Timberlake an enticing offer a few weeks ago.





Not that I really care, because I don't listen to this music, but he was in Nsync, not BSB. And if I recall he was on his own and making music before and after that nutjob, so I wouldn't call it that. Also, scarlett johanssen? Hot as hell -and- a good actress.


justin sounds like a girl
but his songs are catchy like britney he is the product of a production company and his association with brit brought him to fame - otherwise why arent the other BSB famous?? anyways whatever... hes a good actor though! but scarlett is SOOO not! lol she needs acting lessons you can tell shes acting... no real emotion


This video and song are corny and remind me of high school relationships. If Justin were an ugly, scarred, hideously obese man, he wouldn't be as popular because people would be able to see through his inability to write a good song.

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