Insane Britney Spears: Rumors From the Rehab Clinic

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Promises Clinic, the rehab center Britney Spears is currently inhabiting, discovered Britney's "death list" after stripping the pop star of all her possessions when they suspected she smuggled cocaine into the facility.

The list included her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, as well as several members of the paparazzi. A source said:

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"When the staff confronted her she burst into tears, crying uncontrollably. She's such a broken woman. She has dark fantasies about terrible things happening to her enemies."

The mother of Jayden James and Sean Preston has also become "increasingly paranoid" and routinely checks her room for recording devices because she feels "that her thoughts are being recorded," says a source.

Bald Britney is rumored to have been placed on suicide watch - an allegation her manager and family deny - and the staff has reserved a bed for her at University of California Hospital's psychiatric ward. Suicidal or not, since checking into rehab, Britney is still on the edge of a breakdown. Here's what a purported friend of Spears has to say:

"She's convinced that everyone is out to get her... And the smallest thing can set off a fully-blown panic attack. She gets this fearful look in her eyes and starts trembling all over, dripping with sweat, gasping frantically for breath and looking like she's going to faint at any time. It's absolutely terrifying to see. It's the behavior of someone who has completely lost their mind."

Yesterday, Jason Alexander, Britney's husband for 55 hours back in 2004, revealed that Britney has been a hard ass druggie for some time. He claims they used cocaine, Ecstasy, Valium and Vicodin during and that Britney almost overdosed on MDMA (pure "E").

Jason Alexander (not to be confused with the Seinfeld star) says:

"I took her in the bathroom and threw her in the shower. She was unconscious. She tripped and fell. I was trying to hold her up and speak to her. She wasn't moving. I remember looking down at her all crumpled in the tub with the water coming down. She looked so white and lifeless. I thought she was dead. I thought, 'This bitch is going to f*%king die right here in front of me.'"

Good God. If we were Britney Spears' publicist or manager right now, we'd probably kill ourselves. We're not saying that Larry Rudolph should go commit suicide, far from it. We're just saying he's a terrible manager, and his train wreck client isn't doing him any favors, either. Good luck resurrecting that career now!



Well I did say I was glad she was getting help. And Shanthee, you claime to know her? now thats just funny and also please learn to type and speak english wtf is sya?? And yes calling her a dumb B* might be harsh but its also the truth, she is a disgrace to herself, her family and to the millions of young woman that thought she was the best of the best... She was at one time a good role model but now she is nothing but a trashy whore who just has to shock America so that she can stay in the headlines. And for those of you who claim to know her tell her i said she was a dumb B* and a disapointment to many that she would be better off if she just ended it all now... for her kids for her family for herself she should just end it all


Cut Britney some slack, you dont even know her for one calm down. If ya mom lost her mind, would you like somebody calling her a dumb bitch when she's in the process of getting help???? Yeah she's done some weird, dumb, unexplainable things but there clearly is a problem! Ya'll all hype like you know the girl, grow up losers, she still paid in the end!!


Yea, she started crying uncontrollably because she got caught!!! I sooooo hate this woman. She dosen't need rehab-she needs to be locked up on a phsyc ward for a while. She has truly lost it. She can't get her own way OMG!!! She has no taste and everything she puts on looks like TRASH, OMG!!! She couldn't get a hotel room on her looks and name!!!OMG!!! She can't shave her leggs in public,OMG!!! She can't get loaded and stay loaded and take care of her kids and have a careere, OMG!!! She cant dye her hair every other day and wear the skankiest extentions she can find without going bald, OMG!!! And kfed wouldn't let her see HER kids, WTF! I'm Britney Spears yall, I can do what ever the hell I want, and nobody is going to tell me any differently. I'm only doing the rehab thing so I don't loose to Kevin yall, cause I know I'm better than him


First off callin her a dumb B* is very harsh. I think everyone has known someone who has not done well in life. Post partum depression is very serious. People think shaving her head and not wearing panties is bad, what about that lady who drowned all 4 of her kids. I would rather see Britney's crotch and her wearing a wig than other sh*t she could be capable of. Get over it people. If you were to do this no one would pay attention cause your not a STAR, so stop leaving rude comments and pray for her. Pray for the best. Go Britney, you can get through this!!


you can she the hell up..;.you dont know her so dont sya stuff like that..i know her and she has so many things that she goes through that you dont even think of.....she is going to do wonderful!!!!!!!


Well I am glad she is getting help the dumb B* that she is. She is and has been a disgrace for many many years and I am glad she is exposed now for what she really is... a drug addicted dumb B* Too bad she didnt OD back in 2004 it would have saved alot of people at lot of misery if she had.


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