Howard K. Stern Fakes Tears over Anna Nicole Smith Death

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We can't say for sure if Howard K. Stern murdered Anna Nicole Smith or not.

But we can state for the record that this lawyer's crying is pretty much as fake as Tara Reid's boobs. And those are really fake!

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Here is the supposed father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern in an interview he gave on The Insider. The show paid Howard $1 million for these crocodile tears.

The only question remaining, therefore, is: Who is less respectable, Stern or David Hans Schmidt?



On the stand in Judge Seidlins court he mentioned that he was advised that a husband and wife could not testify against each other. But later mentioned that he was advised wrong because if the incident happend before marriage you lose that privledge. Also remember their first Bahamian attorney quit.


leave howard alone he has done nothing wrong he was always there for anna why do you think she kept him around so it so hard for you all to believe she ran the house...she made the rules .. he loved all should be ashamed of your selves....judge your selves


I feel so very sad for the loss of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel. Howard K Stern should be a shamed of himself. He is a faker. This video does show that he is fake crying who does he think he is?. I know in my heart that he overdosed Anna and killed her and also her son. Howard was only thinking of the money and still is. I feel very upset about Anna Nicole's little girl being with Howard. That child should be with Larry. Howard isn't the father or he would have taken the Dna test already. He just wants to be in charge of everything. What a loser Howard is and I hope he pays for what happened to Anna and Daniel. Rest in peace Anna. You'll always be missed.


Note that the judge is a jew and probably paid off by Stern and company. The judge too had crocodile tears when he made his decision. That was most likely to hide his complicity.


Thank you for your stellar observation regarding Howard K. Stern. Please visit my site for the real dirt on how Howard K. Stern set my friend Mark up for the drive-by bigtime. More details will be published bi-weekly directly by Mark from prison.
Mak Hatten


You may be the father!

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