Gaunt Keira Knightley Summons Strength to Shop

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Looking ghastly as ever, Keira Knightley somehow musters the strength needed for a shopping excursion in London over the weekend. Man, she looks so damn HOTTT - in that really gaunt, bulimic and spooky kind of way...

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Come on, Rupert Friend. The girl needs to eat! That's your responsibility. Get on it. At least we know Brody Jenner would try to get some nutrients inside Keira (among other things).

She can file lawsuits all she wants - there's no doubt that the gal needs to put on a few pounds. And by a few, we mean like 15-20. She's starting to look like Nicole Richie.


I really don't think she's anorexic. I've known a fair number of anorexic girls and a fair number that are just naturally very skinny. There are tell-tale signs to anorexia and rather blatant signs of bulimia... and she exhibits neither.


why does society advertise 00's & then get suprised & upset when they actually show up in real life? oh well. i guess it's just their job 2 annoy the crap out of people who have more money & fame than they do.


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