Former Miss USA: Tara Conner Not Worthy of Crown

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Tara Conner has a fan in The Hollywood Gossip.

And Donald Trump.

Evidently, though, not everyone believes in second chances for coked up, promiscuous party animals.

The 2003 Miss USA, Susie Castillo, told Complex magazine that Tara's escapades have "tarnished [the crown] for a very long time now" and that "it's not the job of Miss USA to be in rehab."

Well then, Susie Castillo - if that is your real name - just what is the job of Miss USA? How what about Miss America? You better go inform Lauren Nelson before she lets you down, too.

We shudder to think of how you feel about Katie Rees, that hard-working former Miss Nevada who was stripped of her crown faster than she typically strips off her clothing every night.

In the future, we hope Castilla keeps her opinions to herself. Don't throw the first stone, ok? You probably think it's not the job of Isaac Cohen to buy underwear for Britney, either.

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