Enough With the Damn Skinny Jokes, Says Keira Knightley

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Keira Knightley is pissed.

No, not because she got rejected for a part in some hot new movie. Or because she and Rupert Friend are on the rocks. They're not. At least as far as we know.

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The twig-like actress is pissed because of all anorexia rumors and talk of her having any number of eating disorders. She just wishes we would get a life and talk about something - anything - other than how ghastly she looks.

Her look in this pic says it all...

Sorry, Keira. Until you, Mischa Barton and Kate Bosworth decide it's not all that sexy to resemble skeletons, T.H. Gossip will be here live, cracking jokes on the World Wide Web.

So there. After what you've done to Angelina Jolie, you deserve it.


That is so sly. Some people are naturally skinny, I have a friend who's like that but she eats like a complete pig! Honestly. Poor Keira. Sooo mean. You must have absolutely nothing better to do than to taunt this gorgeous, talented woman! :) YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS! :)

@ Looooooo

Yeah, because some people are naturally skinny and others are naturally fat, right? Poor Keira, I think she NEEDS to eat like a pig. All that exercise and so little food. Her motabolism is probably slowing down by now, but its still burning every little needed calorie her body gets. She's just chewing away at all her muscles until she's just skin and bones. But yeah, she's just "naturally" thin, you know? She'll be naturally thin once she's gone with the wind. Like one day it'll pick her and and take her away because there nothing to pull her down, like weight. You know absolutely nothing about health and exercise and how it affects the human body. What a shame.


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