Dr. Sandeep Kapoor: The Anna Nicole Smith Drug Lord

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Can the story involving Anna Nicole Smith get any stranger?

Of course it can.

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Forget the battle between every other man on the planet for paternity rights to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern for a moment - and let's focus on how Anna Nicole may have died.

Meet Dr. Sandeep Kapoor. He's the doctor who prescribed methadone to a very pregnant Anna and had it shipped to the Bahamas. But that's not even all.

Kapoor, who practices in Los Angeles, wrote a prescription for methadone on August 25, 13 days before Anna Nicole gave birth.

TMZ then searched the Internet and found a description of Dr. Kapoor's practice in an advertisement for someone who has worked "in an outpatient based setting." In the description of his practice, Dr. Kapoor lists "Entertainment Medicine."

What does that mean? Who knows for sure? But you can bet Pete Doherty wants a batch.


What this low-life drug dealer did was very illegal. There are no excuses or loop-holes 'to explain everything'. Why isn't this very dangerous quack locked up, right now?! Where is the DEA in all of this? This fella needs to be shut down permanently and charged/penalized for what he has done, which is a whole lot!! With the stroke of a pen because of greed and wanting to be a 'celeb doc', he has contributed to the death of at least 2 people.


what dr gives methadone to a pregrant woman?? this doctor should be held legally responsible for adm meds that may have contributed to her dealth this dr is a creep!!


Drs prescribe drugs for their patients all the time.
Some are not taken correclty- Drs do give instructions its up to the PATIENT to follow them.
Why dont we STOP looking into the Dr and look into how the drug was abused. YOu can misue Tylenol ! Read the bottle.
I would blame the Ms Nicoles nurse and whomever was taking care of how the meds were given to her!


Dr. Kapoor has been the only doctor who has truly cared about my well being and health. He is a doctor who listens, cares and understands. I hope this nightmare ends and Dr. Kapoor can go on with his life.


He's my "travel" doctor! Whenever I'm traveling out of the country he makes sure I'm well protected from any foreign diseases. He's a great doctor with a lovely manner and I hope this "buzz" is ultimately, harmless.


sad how everyone thinks anna nicole is the only celebrity out there to use an assumed name to stay out of the press when it comes to obtaining meds? are you people really that foolish and naive enough to think she stands alone in doing this? just what do you think 'entertainment medicine' means? every time a celebrity gets busted there is a doctor waiting to exhale so they don't get busted along with that celebrity...and methadone does not hurt the unborn fetus/baby...but giving that you don't want to report the facts and just exploit the negative you should do your (complete) research before reporting anything...


How do you know that ANS wasn't being weaned off of something else? Dr. Kapoor has taken amazing care of my family. Some people really do require a Doctor to come visit them in an OUTPATIENT SETTING... not SETTLING.

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