Dr. Sandeep Kapoor: The Anna Nicole Smith Drug Lord

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Can the story involving Anna Nicole Smith get any stranger?

Of course it can.

Playboy Bunny

Forget the battle between every other man on the planet for paternity rights to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern for a moment - and let's focus on how Anna Nicole may have died.

Meet Dr. Sandeep Kapoor. He's the doctor who prescribed methadone to a very pregnant Anna and had it shipped to the Bahamas. But that's not even all.

Kapoor, who practices in Los Angeles, wrote a prescription for methadone on August 25, 13 days before Anna Nicole gave birth.

TMZ then searched the Internet and found a description of Dr. Kapoor's practice in an advertisement for someone who has worked "in an outpatient based setting." In the description of his practice, Dr. Kapoor lists "Entertainment Medicine."

What does that mean? Who knows for sure? But you can bet Pete Doherty wants a batch.

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I'm really sorry. I'm a total loser and I used to have the biggest crush on Sandy and he thinks he's too good for me. Some people say he is. I'll just crawl back under a rock...


Please. This so called Dr got paid and maybe laid to give her those drugs. Just beacuse he is a great DR to some does not take away the pics and the actions taken with ANS. He is just like HStern they both were educated and new how to get what they wanted from a unstable person. Its a shame that she did not have a good support system and maybe she would be with her daughter and son now.


Dr. Kapoor is the best. He is very concerned about how a drug might effect you and requires constant followup and testing to make sure you have no adverse reactions. People who don't know him should leave him alone or take the time to get to know him.


HA HA HA Sue Ellen - psuedonyms galore or it Pam with pseudonyms galore - I love the Housewife pseudonym LOL - is that what you really want to be a housewife? Sandy do your patients really read the gossip web sites? or do you? You will never know who...........


I don't care who Dr. Kappor sleeps with, who he clubs with, where he clubs, or anything else he does in his private life. His life is between him and his God. He is a great physician. As his paitent, that is all that matters to me. The rest is not my business nor is it yours.


Dr. Kapoor is an exceptional Dr. He has taken care of me since he took over the practice from the previous Dr. It's so sad the media can tear someones heart out without knowing the facts. I have no doubt once the investigation is over, he will be exhonerated. He would never jepordize his paitents health nor his licence to practice. Hang in there Dr. Kapoor and keep your head high. Your paitents love you because you are a great caring and attentive physician. When you first came, I wasn't sure because I didn't know you and I stayed and gave you a chance. I'm so thankful that I did. You are loved and surely you have my support.


My wonderful plastic surgeon, Vishal Kapoor, MD, in Beverly Hills, has received some nasty hate mail from people who thought he is Sandeep Kapoor, MD, the doctor who prescribed (apparently) for Anna Nicole Smith. Please don't send hate mail to Vishal! He's a wonderful, kind plastic surgeon and not affiliated with Sandeep Kapoor, MD nor with Anna Nicole Smith in any way.


hello?? you say Dr's prescribe drugs to people all the time what a stupid thing to say, They don't usually prescribe drugs to drug addicts, That is not his specialty #1 and #2 yea sure he sent them to her under many different names, he knew exactly what he was doing. I place him on the same list with the other iddiot Howard Stern, me liar drug pusher.


All i can say to those that think this is a good example of a Dr?? Your nuts. and must have gaurdian angels looking over you. I would not trust him with a rat let alone a human, Believe me the DEA IS ALL OVER THIS. He had no buisiness prescribing meds of any kind to Anna. Under how many names?? Entertainment Medicine? more like drug pusher, anything to be part of the in crowd. out clubing with her no shirt on?? how classy is that?


As a (now likely former) patient of Dr. Kapoor's, I can honestly tell you that the 'Entertainment Medicine' refers to the practice of having on-set doctors on movie sets in case an emergency occurs. This is a common practice.

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