Brooke Hogan Dwarfs Fergie, Lacks Talent

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Yup, Brooke Hogan is still a giant.

No, not in the music world. Don't be ridiculous. Hulk's daughter carries a note about as well as Britney Spears carries herself in public.

Confused Brooke

But when it comes to towering over fellow artists such as Fergie, no one can touch Brooke. Literally. She's just too tall.

Pictures such as this beg the question of which is scarier: Brooke standing up straight or a direct glance into the face of the new and far from improved Jessica Simpson?

As readers weigh that key issue, we're gonna go feel better about the world by staring at Tricia Helfer photos.


Brooke is hot. Fergie may be a better singer, but I know who I'd rather have sit on my face.


Id like to see Brooke Hogan use the giantess theme in a future music video.


i'm not jealous and i think brooke looks nasty! i consider myself a decent looking female and i don't go out and pile on tons of makeup or wear slutty clothes. brooke looks disgusting!!! and no she's not prettier than fergie, fergies' a star, brooke's not.


all of you commenting are just jealous you can't be her yourselves. she's a beautiful young lady. Tall girls should be allowed to wear heels if she wants. She has curves so what. And she's prettier than Fergie in my opinon. She cannot sing like Christina Aguilera but hey not many people can. She's gorgeous, get a life.


no woman her height needs to be in heels, unless they're a runway model.


To be fair Fergie is only 5'3 barefoot. Brooke is 5'9 barefoot. That's a six inch difference. So of course Brooke's going to look like a giant standing next to Fergie. 5'9 is tall for a woman but that's not a giant. Now a 5'9 woman who's thickly built and wears 4 inch heels is a giant. Brooke needs to stop wearing the 4 inch heels and drop twenty pounds.


god, she's a direct result from hulk using, this is why you shouldn't use drugs. or else you'll have spawn like this....


Wow shes big, I think she will be a great wrestler some day, but sex symbol, for who the long lost Yeti. Wow again that girl is bigger than a 18 wheeler on steroids.

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