Beyonce: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl

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Jennifer Hudson may have an Academy Award nomination.

But her presumed rival, Beyonce, now has something even more rare: a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover picture. Not to mention a rather sexy photo spread inside.

Beyonce's Cleavage

The Dreamgirls star certainly isn't the first gorgeous woman to grace those pages - Heidi Klum and Petra Nemcova are among beautiful models from years past that enjoyed the honor - but Beyonce is the first musician.

She isn't alone this year, though. The issue will showcase numerous ladies posing alongside musical icons such as Kenny Chesney and Kanye West. It should be a good read.

And each Beyonce photo should be a good viewing.


I bet Kimberly P is ugly and does not have one curve on her body, stop hating, Beyonce is beautiful, talented, has a great body, matter of fact i like when she has more weight on her, and she can sing.


i lol
d so hard at ur comment kimberly. but i think she can sing and i would tap that any day of the week


Wow! Beyonce looks great! Every woman ought to look that good in a two piece! I don't what she's doing, but she should keep it up and then tell everybody! Her help is needed. Beyonce really ought to write a book on how to look FABULOUS! I'd buy it!


I think beyonce looks fab in that swim suit,i think she should probebly consider some modeling because the girl really can't sing and all she does on her videos is shaking her big fat ass and most of the time she is usually out of tune.


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