Bam! Jackass Star Margera Marries Childhood Sweetheart

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Sorry, ladies, there's one fewer jackass on the market.

Bam Margera, who also stars in a show called Jackass, has married his childhood girlfriend, People reports.

On Saturday, the professional skateboarder and MTV star exchanged vows with Missy Rothstein in downtown Philadelphia before 350 friends and family members - and, naturally, an MTV crew, which recorded the event for his reality show, Bam's Unholy Union.

The wedding, which will be shown in the final episode of Bam's Unholy Union in early April, included a show by Iggy Pop, and appearances by skateboard god Tony Hawk and pal Johnny Knoxville.

Margera, who made headlines last year when he matter-of-factly admitted to doing Jessica Simpson, got engaged to Rothstein last month while shopping at the Cartier store in the King of Prussia Mall, the New York Times reports.

Rothstein tried on an engagement ring that happened to fit her perfectly -and Margera proposed on the spot.

"I was like, 'Now's the time,'" Margera told the Times. "We just sat there and drank three bottles of champagne. Then we forgot to get gas on the way home, and we straight up ran out of gas on Route 202."

Classy. We're assuming Bam wasn't headed the wrong direction a la Nicole Richie.

Like Britney and Justin, this cute couple has known each other since childhood. After being out of touch for a while when they were both involved in other relationships, Margera and Rothstein got back together two years ago.

"I love his spontaneity, even though it drives me crazy sometimes," Rothstein said. "I'd be bored if he was normal like everyone else."

That's what Mandy Moore says about DJ AM. Oh wait, no she doesn't, because that relationship is 100 percent for the cameras. Sorry.


hi bam you are notes for the stufe you do.


im so haopy for you, and i hope you and missy have an extremely happy life- just remember that hate is baggage! (american history x- bet movie ever) hope you are so happy right at this moment! love you both!!!!!!!


hey what is up?missy ur soooooo lucky to have a guy like bam! i soo luv him even know im only 19! But i have so many posters of u ~BAM~!!!! <3 erika P.S. luv ya TTYL


hey bam i am 12 years old.i love you so much i want to meet you so bad.but i know i can't have you i'm 12 and you are married to missy well good luck with marrige you will last 4 you xoxoxo


hi,im 12 years old and i love ur show!!! i think kewlest thing would be to meet u!!!! please,please,please!!!!! e-mail me back!!!!!


i love u bam


hello, this is not my real E-mail but that i want to say is !
you are so hooooooooot ! bam:)
i like your body;)
Grrrr! - i´m just kidding , i really like you ,
you are nice, and you are really ffffuuun =D
and you have a nice girl!
good luck in the future ! / anonyone


hey bam,
um sum chiks r like really into u n dont like ur wife but i reckon she's a beautiful women and i think ur both lucky and suit each other so yer bye bye 4 now


BAM you are SOOO HOT!! i am like your biggest fan!!!


heyy bam
you guys are a great couple missy is very lucky
iloveyou anyway and steve-o and johnny knoxville and of course wee-man and all the other jackasses haha
well since your married ill go have a crush on johnny lol
good luck on the marriage