Assistant of Anna Nicole Smith Speaks Out

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Anna Nicole Smith had a bright future ahead of her.

So says Kim Walther to Entertainment Tonight. The former personal assistance to Anna told the show that Smith's greatest role still was ahead of her.

Playboy Bunny

"She wanted five more kids, and she had whole chests full of girl clothes that she had been saving over the years," Walther, who was known as "Kimmie" on the 2004 E! reality program The Anna Nicole Show, tells ET.

"I hope I'm given [the opportunity to tell baby Dannielynn about her mother one day]," she adds. "I just want her to know that her mom really was an amazing person, and loved her, and I would like to tell her the good things, you know?"

But does Walther know the answer to the pressing paternal issue: Larry Birkhead of Howard K. Stern?

"[Anna] told me she didn't know who the father was," says Walther, who then goes on to say, "She told me, let's see â€" I guess around Christmastime or shortly after New Year's â€" that Howard K. Stern was the baby's father."

Walther also says she was a witness to Smith's signing of her will.

"I haven't recently read the will, so I can't really say what's in there," says Walther. "I do know that at the time she signed it, she was sound, mind and body, and that's what she had intended."

Walther also wishes people would leave Stern alone. She doesn't believe he harmed Anna or her late son, Daniel. The assistant had no comment on Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.


Rest in Peace Anna nicole be with Danny now and Howard will take tender loving care of Dannielynn.
You can now watch over them, and keep them safe.


Anna for sure should have her wishes honored. I can't believe how many people want to dis-honor her in everyway, including not letting her rest in peace. She is gone, and I believe many people are responsible for not seeing that she was taken care of properly. Now the vultures are all coming out, pretending to have cared for her, or pretending to care for her now. It's all about the money, Anna's mom is wrong to fight this, she is being very selfish. She should want her daughter to rest in peace and not even consider disrupting her grandson now that he has finally been laid to rest.

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