Antonella Barba Nude Pics Cause American Idol Controversy

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Does American Idol have its very own Katie Rees on stage?

First Live Performance

As everyone's favorite reality show heads into the semifinals, controversy is swirling around Antonella Barba. The New Jersey native may have a great singing voice - but she apparently also has great collection of drunken, topless pictures. 

Granted, these are nothing compared to the Katie Rees photos that caused Miss Nevada to forfeit her crown. And cocaine addict, Tara Conner, would scoff at the mere idea that any of Barba's pics were even remotely considered lewd.

After all, it's not like the American Idol hopeful is making out with Katie Blair or even showing her boobs. These are pretty darn tame.

Nevertheless, Idol is aimed at kids. We doubt FOX will be too pleased that Barba's bare breasts are out there, as covered as thet might be. But it still could be worse - at least she didn't go all Kim Kardashian on young fans.


I agree she should be booted from the show just like frenchee and if im not mistaken frechee could sing this girl as simon always says belongs in a kareoke bar, in fact several of the singers cant sing men and women but yeaH she shouldnt be able to continue guess things are different for somefolks hmmm!!!!


Everyone here needs to get a life. Did she hurt anyone in any way? Everyone think did you EVER do anything that was thought to be wrong when you were younger and growing up? If you never posted photos of yourself on the internet remember the internet was probably not around when most of the readers here were growing up.
Leave her alone, let her sing and if she gets voted off then she was not meant to win, don't let this sway your vote listen to her singing.


WITH or WITHOUT these pix, she's definitely going home in no time. her voice sucks.


The Barba chick is cute. I'm sure we can find some dirt on anybody. BUT, one fact remains, SHE CAN'T SING! As Simon says: "It's a singing competition!" Good luck with Playboy Barba, 'cause your ass is off Idol soon.


This is definitely a bunch of bs. People have no dang reason to be in her business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was having a really boring day, until I happened to land here................thanks guys for the best entertainment I've had all year! P.S. She really does need to go home and learn to sing!!


bitch is frickin boneable i rub that Nak Nak Nak ..ya heeeerd


What does it matter what this girl does in her free time? It is no ones business! She is not hurting anyone and what does her having pictures taken have to do with her being on American Idol??? She is just multi-talented! Anyone is making a big deal out of it, is just JEALOUS! That girl is beautiful and and is just ahving fun! And its not dirt, its pictures! Its not like she is online having sex, or doing drugs. She is not a criminal for having her picture taken!!!!. Let her be! Find something better to bitch about! And your damn children should not be on the internet looking at these pictures and what standards are you setting by going online looking at them?? HA PEACE


that really isnt bad
you people need to lay off shes just having fun its not like shes a porn star or anything and i think she has a nice voice


Who is that thick juicy looking dish next to her on the beach.. va va bavoooooooooooooooom!

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