Anna Nicole Smith Reaction: Joanie Laurer Breaks Down

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Reactions about the sudden death of Anna Nicole Smith continue to pour in.

As reports surface that daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern might now  be a billionaire, friends of the deceased model are in tears. So are supposed fathers, of course, as Larry Birkhead has proven.

Playboy Bunny

Below is a clip of former WWE star, Chyna. Her real name is Joanie Laurer and her reaction to Anna's death appears sincere. At least more sincere than the claim of Prince Frederick von Anhalt that he is actually the daddy of Dannielynn.



Just what we all needed, a big breasted blonde to die so that we could ignore that boring ol' Iraq war thing. Hell that was depressingly tedious, this on the other hand, well heck, we could talk about Anna Nicole for weeks I think. If they could make the war a little more sexy then maybe we'd care again, but I dunno. that whole Iraq thing is just so 2002. Is anyone even counting how many people are dying out there anymore?


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Playboy Bunny
Anna Nicole Smith died too young. She lived a sad, difficult life, one marked by many nude photos, dramatic family episodes, turbulent... More »
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