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Keira Knightley is pissed.

No, not because she got rejected for a part in some hot new movie. Or because she and Rupert Friend are on the rocks. They're not. At least as far as we know.

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

The twig-like actress is pissed because of all anorexia rumors and talk of her having any number of eating disorders. She just wishes we would get a life and talk about something - anything - other than how ghastly she looks.

Her look in this pic says it all...

Sorry, Keira. Until you, Mischa Barton and Kate Bosworth decide it's not all that sexy to resemble skeletons, T.H. Gossip will be here live, cracking jokes on the World Wide Web.

So there. After what you've done to Angelina Jolie, you deserve it.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and super hot super model Gisele Bundchen continued their European adventure in Italy this week, seizing the day - and every opportunity possible to suck face. See below...

Gisele in V

Man. Get a room, you two! Earlier this month, Tom's ex, actress Bridget Moynahan, announced that she's three months pregnant with Tom's baby. Meanwhile, the QB and his Brazilian babe kicked their romantic vacation into overdrive overseas. The couple were spotted shopping near the Coliseum and smooching it up all over Rome.

One thing's for sure: Gisele Bundchen is going to be give Tom's kid the sexiest stepmom since Brody Jenner's. Brody's dad, Bruce, married Kim Kardashian's mother, you know.

Think about it.

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Try to get the image of Antonella Barba, nude and on her knees, out of your head for a moment, okay?

The singer actually has work to do tonight - and she needs your help.

Barba will join nine other American Idol hopefuls on stage this evening, as she yearns to impress viewers with oratory skills of a different nature than the ones she's become famous for.

But what song should Antonella select? We've come up with a few ideas. Feel free to submit your own ...

  • Lay Your Hands on Me - Bon Jovi
  • I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
  • On the Way Down - Ryan Cabrera
  • Who's That Girl - Madonna
  • Sin Wagon - The Dixie Chicks
  • I Touch Myself - The Divinyls

In the end, we recommend that Antonella honor a couple of former Idols as she attempts to be known more for her melodious pipes than her deep throat. There's We're Young and Beautiful by Carrie Underwood, in honor of Barba and her topless pals.

Or maybe Here You Come Again by Clay Aiken. That one might be self-explanatory.

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Heather Mills says her prosthetic leg won't fall off during any routines on Dancing with the Stars.

This raises an obvious question: What the heck is she doing on the show if viewers won't get to enjoy the hilarity of a flying limb?

Heather Mills' Bad Hair

We understand that Dancing With the Stars doesn't exactly sign up A-list celebrities to shake their assets on the floor - but couldn't producers find someone who is at least known for more than a famous divorce case?

Addressing the question of whether her prosthetic leg might come off while she's competing, Mills - who was struck by a police motorcycle in 1993, which necessitated the amputation of her left leg below the knee â€" tells TV's Extra:

"I'm quite happy to be thrown around and hopefully my leg will stay on."

She added: "It's very unlikely my leg is going to fly off, although it would be quite funny. I'll have a strap on, which I wouldn't normally in every day life."

Yeah, right. We're guessing Paul McCartney ended his marriage with this nut partly because a strap on was a major part of her everyday life.

With a laugh, Mills also says of dancing partner Jonathan Roberts: "I don't want to let Jonathan down or give anyone in the audience a heart attack."

Don't worry, Heather. No viewer will be watching you anyway. We'll all be looking at Shandi Finnessey.

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Paris Hilton loves to show off her headlights.

But the HO-tel heiress apparently hates driving with them on in her car.

Paris Hilton Pussy

Last night, Paris was pulled over because she was not using the headlights on her car. In the dark. While moving. Elliot Mintz, the PR dude with the worst job in Hollywood next to Victoria Beckham bra salesman, said:

"The parking lot is brightly lit so she had not noticed that her headlights were not activated."

As for her other headlights (i.e. Paris Hilton boobs), well, those are always activated.

Meanwhile, Hilton had her car towed after this incident because she was driving with a suspended license. Mintz said this was news to his client, who probably figured she didn't need an actual license because she has more money than the dude selling Antonella Barba photos.

As for Hilton's license to have sex with any guy she meets, dont worry, that's never void.

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No one invited Ashlee Simpson to this new nose party.

At a pre-Oscar party over the weekend, a pair of recent plastic surgeon beauties talked about their feelings for their new body part and the man responsible for it: Beverly Hills doctor Raj Kanodia.

Jennifer Aniston, Boyfriend

Cameroz Diaz gushed that her nose was "the nose my nose always wanted to be," while also raving about Kanodia's spiritual side and the impact its had on her life.

We don't have any direct quotes from Jennifer Aniston, but you can bet she said something in response.

Meanwhile, neither actress is attached at the moment. There have been no further sighting of Diaz and actor Djimon Hounsou. And Aniston continues to remain low after her break-p with Vince Vaughn.

Whatever man does step into the lives of these actresses next, you can be assured they'll be able to smell him a mile away. That doesn't bode too well for Bobby Brown, of course. The scent of a washed up scumbag is especially strong.

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Well, that's taking it a bit far. But Britney Spears' current stint in rehab has already had one positive outcome - Kevin Federline's transformation into a better father.

Us Weekly has even gone so far as to anoint the man as such on its newest cover, and we've seen examples of this in recent weeks. You just never know, do you?

Brit Spears Picture

A source close to the rapping aspirant and former backup dancer says he's currently put his life on hold while he works overtime to care for his two sons (Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden James, 5 months) and bring his family back together.

"He's devastated and cries all the time," a source close to Kevin Federline says. "Kevin wants to get back together with her. He is her biggest supporter."

He means Britney, not Shar Jackson. In case you were wondering.

The former Mr. Britney Spears wasn't always the poster child for parenthood. But his experience with the train wreck that is his estranged wife seem to have transformed him. He may even be helping the pop star get back on track.

It was at least partially at his urging that Spears entered rehab at the Crossroads Center in Antigua. And when she bailed later that day, Federline and Spears' mom, Lynne, took the drastic step of taking the boys away.

Federline reportedly told her couldn't see her sons again until she went to rehab. She got the message and checked back in to Promises clinic, albeit after she went ape$h!t and attacked photographers with an umbrella.

It's unclear how the situation will ultimately play out, but one thing is clear: K-Fed is emerging as much more than the punchline (or WWE punching bag) we've come to expect.

While Britney's public image is going down faster than Antonella Barba on that guy with the small ... you know, Kevin appears to have his priorities in line, which is heartwarming.

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It wouldn't be a party involving the cast of The Hills if it didn't include at least a little drama. Sunday night's Oscars after-party had plenty.

The lavish event - sponsored by Us Weekly, featuring Usonian Entertainment and the cast of MTV's The Hills - was held (fittingly) in the Hollywood Hills at the swanky home of Los Angeles real estate mogul Ronald Haft.

Cute in Plaid

The most overheard question of the night: "Where's Lauren?"

As in Lauren Conrad.

As in Brody Jenner's former girlfriend (or current girlfriend, depending on what day you read this).

As in, Heidi Montag's BFF.

"I wish she was here," Montag said.

Aww. Good to see there's no bad blood between Lauren and Heidi, who have been cat-fighting of late.

But where was Lauren? The party buzz was that LC is none-too-pleased with comments allegedly made by Hills star Spencer Pratt in a recent Details magazine article - in which he encourages pal Brody Jenner to make Nicole Richie eat as a publicity stunt and date every celebrity possible in order to increase his own fame.

Understandably, Lauren would rather stay home watching rival Kristin Cavallari on Laguna Beach re-runs than attend a party and have to lay eyes on Pratt.

For what it's worth, when asked about Lauren on the red carpet, Jenner, who spent the night surrounded, of course, by the obligatory gaggle of hot blonde chicks, gentlemanly said, "I love Lauren. It's all good."

Of course, the party, which dragged on until nearly 3:00 in the morning, wasn't all backstabs and catfights. Everyone from Jenna Jameson to that due from Borat (Ken Davitan) was in attendance for some good clean fun.

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Hear this now: Shar Jackson is speaking out to squash rumors that she and her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Federline, are secretely dating again.

Never mind the fact that we've never heard any rumors to that effect. And we deal in Hollywood rumors here at the Hollywood Gossip, people.

Federlizzle 4 Shizzle

Folks (apparently) started to get suspicious when Shar Jackson was spotted visiting Kevin's home this past weekend. Given that she birthed two of the man's kids (his boys swim!), there's no logical reason why such a meeting would take place, right? Come on. A rumor putting Shar and Jason Alexander together would be more believable.

Anyway. In an exclusive statement to Us Weekly, Jackson's rep, Juliette Harris (who really needs to consider a career change), said:

"Shar Jackson will continue to maintain the necessary relationship with Kevin Federline in the best interest of raising their two children. This weekend Shar and Kevin visited together with the four children, and that this was the first time that all four children met. Any insinuation that she is involved with [Kevin and Britney Spears'] problems or break up in any way is preposterous. She has always been supportive of Kevin's choices, both publicly and privately. Shar refuses to be pulled into their relationship and will not comment further on any personal matters."

Aww. It's cute that Sean Preston and Jayden James had a play date with Kori and Kaleb. Anyway, that settles that. Now we can go back to speculating over whether Britney is on suicide watch in rehab.

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We'll have to wait until August before David Beckham starts playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer, which apparently exists.

But that hasn't stopped that British star's wife, Victoria Beckham, from letting the hot L.A. lifestyle go to her head. Literally!

Vic Becks

The former Spice Girl is now blonde. And rather well covered up, we might add. Just when we thought "Victoria Beckham" and "huge breasts" were becoming synonymous, she has to go and dress downright conservatively.

The new look coincides with the story reported by T.H. Gossip yesterday that Mrs. Beckham is going to star in her own reality show.

If having her own TV show isn't considered "L.A." enough to fit in to her new hometown, the new trendy hairstyle is guaranteed to seal the deal.

Hey, she looks good. She's not a train wreck like Britney Spears. But this new ‘do makes her look a little more like every other chick on Rodeo Drive.

Don't let your famous friends like Katie Holmes change who you are, Posh.

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