When Hot Bodies Collide: Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter

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Yes, if Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson are a couple, it's big news.

But these two might not even be the hottest new couple making headlines. As fans of attractive women and baseball, The Hollywood Gossip staff probably gives that honor to Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter.

Jessica Biel Smiles

After just two months of casual dating, the pair took their toned physiques to San Juan, Puerto Rico over New Year's. The duo celebrated the Yankees trade of Randy Johnson at the island's Las Casitas Village & Golden Door Spa.

"She was gorgeous!" an expert witness said of Biel, later adding that Nicole Richie is "really thin!"

The sporty pair bonded over days of volleyball and yacht-cruising, snuggling up in a $1,400-a-night Cliffside villa, complete with personal butler.

Considering how well ex-girlfriend Vanessa Minnillio has moved on, it's nice to see Jeter finally doing the same. Similarly, it's always nice to simply see Biel.

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10/02/2007 in the ny post today derek jeter is dating gabrielle union she was spotted in feb 2007 with
derek in a club she is also friends with vanessa minnillo they hung out a couple of times


nevermind what i just said i thought i was meeting a friend here,


hi monique


I love Derek, and Jessica is alright, but she jumps from men too much. Its ironic how the article starts since she is now with Justin, and Derek had been with Scarlett.


But what do you think about what i said?


that not jessica in that picture dump ass


And thats THE TRUTH! What I've always been waiting for. And I even stated this in my letter to Derek. All I want to see is the truth.


When bodies collide is also a very pretentious title for this article. Will all girls who like Derek Jeter, please not give in to these lies? Yes, there are photographs, but look back on my fist post!


Oh, and one more thing: Derek is my future husbund, and in my VERY BOLD and TRUE oppinion, Derek Jeter should be treated as himself....as a person, and one day, I want him to walk the streets of New York knowing that.


This is plainly pathetic. People exadgerate too much these days, and seriously, they could just be there as friends, oh and what if I 'just so happen to run into some famous guy and ask him about the weather? is People magazine goanna use it as their cover story next to their endless rambling on Britney Spears and J-lo? I'm just setting a point: Its personality that counts.

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