Unexpected Celebrity Feud of the Week: Ryan Seacrest vs. Angelina Jolie

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To paraphrase his signature sign-off, Ryan Seacrest is out ... of patience for a certain beautiful actress.

E!'s resident red carpet monkey and host of American Idol was candid about his reaction to being brushed off during an interview before the Golden Globe Awards over the weekend.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes

On his KIIS-FM radio show in L.A. on yesterday morning, the metrosexual was simply none too pleased with Angelina Jolie.

"I asked her four questions and she didn't even answer me," he said. "I literally stood there and tried to ask a couple of questions. At one point I just kind of let the E! microphone sit in front of her for a second to see if she was going to acknowledge it, and she clearly wanted nothing to do with me or my question or my answer or any of it."

Seacrest had nothing but nice things to say about, Brad Pitt, however. He was standing next to his baby's momma throughout the awkward interview.

"Brad was fantastic."

He continued: "I think doing good is fantastic. A lot of people are benefiting around the world from their doing of all of these nobles things. But smile."

Cohost Ellen K then came to Angie's defense saying: "Well, she has said that she finds all these award shows a waste of time and money."

"Well then don't go," Seacrest shot back. "Don't go. Don't go support your man. Don't go."

The man does make a point. Part of being famous involves putting on a fake smile and spouting cliches into a microphone.

Or making a sex tape, if you're Kim Kardashian.


He was one of his butt boys. That's how he got started.


Ryan Seacrest didn't make a name for himself. He screwed Merv Griffin to get a job.


Ryan Seacrest is an idiot and needs to be knocked of the pedestal that he put his short self on!! His head is way too big. He has made a name for himself and congratulations for that but now he thinks he's king of all award shows. I feel sorry for everyone that has to work with that fool. I actually turn off when he's on now and I enjoy E news when one of the other commentators get a chance to open their mouths to speak.


Geesh, this woman is a total fraud. If she is true to herself, she would not be in the Golden Globes in the first place. Dont turn around and justify your behavior because of a family crises. Another ploy to manipulate the media and make somebody else a villain and AJ the victim. It is not Jon Voight's lack of desirable paternal instincts that makes you miserable: or the plight of the refugees:or the AIDS orphans: or the welfare of the disaster victims. It's yourself-GET MENTALLY EVALUATED before talking about your social responsibilities. It's not OK to steal a man and lie through your teeth and adopt children to form a family unit when you are BOLD enough to break one. Sorry it maybe an old news but it stays PROMINENT.


Stop being a fu%&/(g BIATCH! Does a waitress enjoy ferrying burgers to fat sweaty rednecks...no, but she does it b'cause that is her job. If your happy enuff racking in the dosh for all your fims, grab your fake smile and a small dose of good manners before leaving the mansion ....and do your job, or at least try to be polite!


Please.... put on a fake smile and talk to Ryan Seacrest... he is an idiot... an idiot... and idiot

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