Tori Spelling, Husband Hit Rock Bottom

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Poor Tori Spelling.

No really, we get the distinct impression she is hard up for money. First she got b!tch slapped by her mother, Candy, and was practically nixed from her dad's will. Then, before we knew it, she was hawking her pregnancy pics, signing on for an ill-fated reality show, agreeing to write a boring-ass memoir, and holding the mother of all cries for help - a yard sale.

Fake Fight

Anything to raise a little dough for herself and her unborn baby! But nothing is as indicative of the pregnant Tori's sad financial state as this recent shopping outing with husband Dean McDermott. The proof is in the petit larceny...

Come on, guys. We do not condone shoplifting, no matter how desperate you might be. There are government programs to help the destitute. Just ask Isaac Cohen, an actor/model struggling so hard to find work that he's willing to do anything to boost his public profile - even if that means being seen with Britney Spears.

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