Stunningly, Pete Doherty Arrested Over the Weekend

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Troubled rocker Pete Doherty was arrested this weekend. Yes, this is actually a new story. Though we don't blame you for asking.

The Babyshambles lead singer and raging drug addict was busted and taken into custody for - yes - joyriding Saturday morning, mere hours after he ruled out marriage to his supermodel girlfriend, Kate Moss.

At around 5:00 in the morning, police officers noticed a car thought to be stolen in Hackney, east London, and prompted the driver to stop by flashing their blue lights. But the car sped off and cops were forced to chase after it.

Doherty, who has somehow beaten the rap countless times for drug use and possession, was allegedly a passenger in the car. He reportedly tried to flee when the vehicle eventually came to a halt.

He was soon caught by police officers. Like, within seconds. There was no international manhunt for this fugitive from justice. He's not exactly Wesley Snipes.

A spokesman for London's Scotland Yard police confirmed, "Police arrested three males aged 35, 22 and 27 in the early hours of Saturday morning."

On Saturday, Doherty was reportedly still being kept in a police cell awaiting bail. The previous evening, the uglier half of PeteMoss had played a gig with his band nearby, announcing afterwards:

"I'm never getting married. I don't believe in it. Kate and I are in love - I worship her - but we're not going down the aisle. I'm happy the way it is."

Hey, the guy sees Kate Moss nude more often than we do. You know what they say, Why buy the anorexic, coked-up cow when you can get the milk for free?

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