Simon Wishes Paula Would Lay Off the Booze

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Simon Cowell has never been one to keep things to himself, but when his fellow American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, gets rambling, the surly Brit can't get a word in edgewise. Hence, he's relegated to wishing the ex-Laker girl would just shut the g*d damn hell up.

And wishing he could have a drink about now....

Karen Rodriguez, Naima Adedapo and Haley Reinhart

The fact that the show's poor, innocent contestants have to see and listen to Paula Abdul drunk is bad enough. But for Simon and fellow judge Randy Jackson, who have to sit next to her and put up with such nonsense night in and night out, the seemingly unending American Idol auditions must be hell.

We hope young beauties with substance abuse problems such as Tara Conner and Lindsay Lohan are watching this display. Lay off the booze, gals, or you might end up like this train wreck in about 10 years.


Simon Cowell was drinking out of a starofoym cup from under the table instead of his Coke cup on camera a few weeks ago. Since then, we've noticed him drinking out of his Coke cup almost every time the camera is on him. We think he might have been instructed by the Coke company to drink out of the Coke cup on camera.


luv u simon and paula!!!!


i love american idol and paula abdul she is soooo cool


goddammit, i though cowell, said shut you prick in the picture above lol, no, jk, she is a druggie/ mwaahahahahahahahahahaha, & 4 the other retard/ there ain't no goddess, or / any/


I think paula was just a little tired. And whoever must have the strength to give up her time to listen to some MORON like SIMON should be very brave.


i don´t care if she is drunk or high, i still like her. i love AI. and part of the show is look paula saying that kind of stuff, and i kind of like it. she rocks!!!


i love American idol, it is great but i thought that Paula had a pain killer problem. i heard she got addicted to pain killers, due to some kind of accident. But you never know, You may be drunk or high but your still pretty.

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