Sandra Bullock, Kid Rock Bored Senseless at NHL Game

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Hey, it's the NHL. The unquestioned dumbest sport ever, if you'd even call it a sport, and hardly something that captivates audiences - even in person.

See below. Sandra Bullock (right) would rather converse with her husband, whose name is Jesse James (seriously) than pay any attention to the action on the ice, where the L.A. Kings squared off with the Detroit Red Wings.

Kid Rock Pic

Meanwhile, a few seats over, Kid Rock (a.k.a. The Motor City Madman) and a blonde female friend look equally apathetic. Or they're trying to eavesdrop on Sandra. Not sure.

However, considering that Los Angeles bested Kid's beloved Red Wings, 4-2, one can forgive his look of apparent disgust. Plus, there's all that sordid stuff going on with his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, her other ex-husband, Tommy Lee, and that crazy Borat.

And yes, we know that Ted Nugent is the actual Motor City Madman - but Kid Rock is gonna lose his mind one of these days and give him a run for his money.


Yo know what is dumb? Hollywood gossip? WHO the $#@! cares if Kate Gosselin went shopping today. Hockey is a great sport.


Agree with Fortinbras. And what sports do you play on an organized level such that you can question the athleticism of a professional-level contact sport? The NHL has the highest median income of viewer out of all televised sports in the United States. "The Hollywood Gossip" surely ranks quite low in such analysis.


Who writes this crap? Some girly man with nothing better to do than chase celebritiies?
Screw off!

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