The Bachelor Trades Up: Sadie Murray In, Jennifer Wilson Out as Lorenzo Borghese Comes to His Senses

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Yes, it's true!

Us Weekly has confirmed that Lorenzo Borghese has given his chosen lady love the proverbial heave-ho - and traded up for the woman he spurned on the season finale of The Bachelor.

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The cosmetics heir and dog products entrepreneur (who is of Italian nobility) picked public school teacher Jennifer Wilson over L.A. publicist Sadie Murray (below, right).

"Watching Sadie drive away in the limo was by far the worst moment of this entire journey," a tearful Borghese said during the finale.

Apparently, he came to his senses and never got over saying goodbye to Sadie Murray, a 24-year-old San Diego publicist who is proudly saving herself for marriage.

Despite having given Wilson (below, left) a promise ring on the show's finale, they were said to have parted ways soon after, and a source close to Borghese tells Us Weekly:

"Lorenzo and Jennifer are now on the rocks, and he's gone back to Sadie. They're spending time together. Sadie is moving to New York City, where Lorenzo lives, to pursue her career."

Rumors were flying that Borghese's brother, who works for the Home Shopping Network, unintentionally spilled the beans regarding this scandalous reality TV switcheroo last month. We've been unable to confirm it - until now. Go Sadie! 


Sadie's Ex Love would not have guessed that they would end up together


I heard now that Lorenzo is with Erica, has anyone heard this? I just read it in US weekly


I was so shocked when Lorenzo didn't pick Sadie Murray. Because it was too obvious that all Jen wanted was Lorenzo's money. If Lorenzo and Sadie are dating, I hope everything is going ok because they are both so sweet and charming.


I thought Lorenzo made a mistake when he chose Jennifer over sadie. If the rumours are true, and they are dating; I hope she takes her time, and gets to know him well; before making any rash decisions. She was picked second after all. I cried when she was not chosen and couldn't figure out why all of America knew Sadie was the one for him. I hope it all works out for both of them; even if they do not end up with each other.


Lorenzo is not dating either Jen or Sadie, although he remains friends with both girls and several others from the show. Loved them both on the show and loved Lorenzo. They were all a breath of fresh air even though the fairytale premise was a stretch. Lorenzo's a genuine, hardworking, and charming guy. Too bad he did not find his love match on the show. I hope he does soon. Seems like he's ready to settle down.


Sorry folks..Lorenzo said that he and Sadie are not dating!
I would hope that Sadie has more then enough SELF ESTEEM to not want to be considered a man's SECOND choice. Come on..the relationship with Jenn did not work out so now Sadie should date him? Heck,no.


I loved Lorenzo and Saide, i thought jeenifer was not the right girl for him. Sadie is cute and sasy and deserves to be with him. Myabe Jenn's dad got the gun out...hahhah GO SADIE!


I was just curious about the outcome of Lorenzo and Jen's relationship and googled his name to find this happy news about him and Sadie! How wonderful!
As nice as Jen was, I was absolutely heartbroken to see Lorenzo reject Sadie in the final episode. I thought that he and Sadie made a great couple and that he was making the wrong decision. I am glad to see that without the pressure of the camera's rolling, that he is finally following his heart. Hopefully, this second chance will be a blessing for these two. It wouldn't surprise me to see a wedding a year or two down the road, with some baby Borghese's to follow!


Is this true? Has anyone seen pictures of Sadie and Lorenzo together recently?


I was very upset when Lorenzo chose Jen over Sadie. When he was watching Sadie leave I think he knew then he made the wrong choice. Lorenzo and Sadie were the best looking couple and you could see the chemistry between them. Good luck Lorenzo and Sadie, you were made for each other.

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