The Bachelor Trades Up: Sadie Murray In, Jennifer Wilson Out as Lorenzo Borghese Comes to His Senses

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Yes, it's true!

Us Weekly has confirmed that Lorenzo Borghese has given his chosen lady love the proverbial heave-ho - and traded up for the woman he spurned on the season finale of The Bachelor.

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The cosmetics heir and dog products entrepreneur (who is of Italian nobility) picked public school teacher Jennifer Wilson over L.A. publicist Sadie Murray (below, right).

"Watching Sadie drive away in the limo was by far the worst moment of this entire journey," a tearful Borghese said during the finale.

Apparently, he came to his senses and never got over saying goodbye to Sadie Murray, a 24-year-old San Diego publicist who is proudly saving herself for marriage.

Despite having given Wilson (below, left) a promise ring on the show's finale, they were said to have parted ways soon after, and a source close to Borghese tells Us Weekly:

"Lorenzo and Jennifer are now on the rocks, and he's gone back to Sadie. They're spending time together. Sadie is moving to New York City, where Lorenzo lives, to pursue her career."

Rumors were flying that Borghese's brother, who works for the Home Shopping Network, unintentionally spilled the beans regarding this scandalous reality TV switcheroo last month. We've been unable to confirm it - until now. Go Sadie! 


prince lorenzo has now started seeing gold digger danica fron bigbrother uk, she has a site where she rinses men, meaning you send her gifts and she sands pictures and talks to you, she has also done some dubiuosthings in her past for money like making certain films. She was vile to the situation on bigbrother and her eyes lit up with $ signs when she knew how much prince was worth, god help him now shes got her claws in him.


I prefer Jen SOOOO MUCH more. Sadie just seems like a mistress to me. But Jen has this very down to earth feel about her. She's so honest and kind. Sadie on the other hand, altho saved her virginity for marriage, feels kinda 'bit*hy' to me. I'm watching the repeated episode now, and sadie is like bitching abt Jen's dad. She's so mean. She's like one those slutty mean girls acting to be nice. She may be more fun,but she's definitely NOT a better wife. Lorenzo made a WRONGG choice dumping innocent jen for another flingy girl.


lorenzo is really cute........i have a big crush on him hopefully he doesnt find any woman yet..... but if i were to choose over sadie n jen....i will go for sadie because she looks so sweet and lovely and she's still a virgin


Prince Lorenzo was truly a prince in every sense of the word. His parents seemed real and sincere too. We pray he will find the wife he seeks, and that she will truly deserve him. Much blessings Prince Lorenzo and thanks for sharing your heart with the world. Carol
PS It would be great if you could let the world know when Jesus does send her to you, as we don't hear much over here in Oz.


I live in Queensland Australia and only just saw the Bachelor with Prince Lorenzo and his leading ladies, Sadie and Jen. I actually liked both ladies however at the finaly rose ceremony I noticed how overwelmed Lorenzo was with Sadie and appeared so upset when he had to say goodbye. He didnt seem to show the same emotion towards Jen. I thought Lorenzo was a genuine man but just didnt know which girl to pick so he had to make a decision before the end of the show. Good Luck to all three of them.


I could not believe that Lorenzo passed over Sadie for Jennifer. Sadie is a stunning young woman, full of fun with a checky smile. What man wouldn't want to wake up beside this angel every day? I'm glad it appears he's realised his mistake. I hope their relationship works, for Sadie's sake - she deserves only the very best.


I think neither the two ladies were right for lorenzo, when you fall in love or believe love at first sight thats when you know shes the one, I think lorenzo shouldnt have broken the girls hearts, all of them, and should just go with flow, he might find his dream girl on the streets or at a supermarket, you cant plan your love life, Thats my opinion though,
But If I was in his shoes I wouldve got to choose not to marry though just to get to know her that italian girl, I forgot her name she was real, and sweet, I felt sorry for her when he didnt choose her, aneze is that her name? oh well I wish lorenzo that right partner but I say, no ones perfect and marriage is serious stuff.Lorenzo was smart that he didnt propose just for the show.
Good luck prince charming lorenzo I hope cinderella finds you instead of you finding her!! :) your a cute guy who wouldnt like ya!


I think the reason so many of you here felt the same way i did (which was there was something I didn't like about Jen) was because - and it did not hit me until the end of the show...Jen was so over the top enamored of Lorenzo simply because he was a Prince. She went on and on and on about that and so did her mother. I think it was strange the way she fell in love with him only when it came down to the final 2.... She didn't seem real to me.


Last Friday evening the 3rd of March 2008 I was crying my heart out when Sadie drove away in the limo and the tears fall over her cheecks and she so sad, because she love Lorenzo with all her heart!! I was so angry with Lorenzo, when Jen came up the isle to Lorenzo in her black dress I switch to another channel because I did not want to face Lorenzo taking Jen over Sadie, Sadie is a loveable, wonderfull and trusting woman, and from the beginning I don't like Jen and I don't no why!! Go Sadie!!You deserve only the best!!!!


I am having a bit of an hard time following all this. I was impressed by Lorenzo's father's and mother's charm and personality. I was not impressed by the absurdity of putting people in forced situations. I was not impressed by the prince's "gaffes" (elbows on the table, kissing lots of giggling girls among those)....
Above all though as the young mother of two girls I feel to give the prince a piece of advice.When you are not sure about picking one girl or the other it is better not to pick any of those. If that special someone doesn't stick above all around you than you have gotten nowhere. I am not much older than Lorenzo and I figured that one out....sounds pretty strange that a businessman didn't find that out already being 34 years old.

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