Rosie O'Donnell Sets her Fangs on American Idol

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Donald Trump is yesterday's news.

Rosie O'Donnell has set her insulting sights on something eve bigger than The Donald now:

Making Like Frank

American Idol.

Earlier today, The View co-host joined a chorus of other critics who have said the show is being too hard on the early contestants.

The show screened a clip of Simon Cowell insulting one singer, Kenneth Briggs, and calling him a "bush baby," then laughing with Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul after the contestant left.

"Isn't that what America thinks is entertainment?" O'Donnell asked. "To make fun of someone's physical appearance and then when they leave the room laugh hysterically at them â€" three millionaires, one probably intoxicated ..."

We hate to say it, but: Rosie has a point.

And she isn't alone. Media critics have also jumped on the show's cruelty like Britney Spears without undewear.

"Several moments from (Wednesday's) two-hour highlight-lowlight reel of Seattle auditions failed to pass my personal squirm test, and I know that I'm not alone," Entertainment Weekly critic Michael Slezak writes on the magazine's website.

Slezak points to the treatment of Seattle performers Jonathan Jayne and Briggs, saying he felt "fury rising within" him while watching the show.

Some visitors to the official American Idol message boards are speculating that FOX is playing a ratings game by stacking the broadcast with more excruciating performances than usual. It knows people love train wrecks.

Why else would anyone date Courtney Love?

Writes one: "I think they know how much people enjoy the bad auditions, and thought that by filling auditions with nearly ALL negative auditions that they'd be improving the show. Not so. I love birthday cake but if I ate it for every meal, it would get old."


''In the middle of a war ...''This bloeatd clown needs perspective - big time. The used-up meme of ''Blame Bush'' is over, Lefties!! Bush, unlike Hussein, did not create and push legislation. He was content to lead - not push. The Congress would have had to have made any Federal laws, if there were any, to ban Gay (or cow, or sheep, or monkey, or whatever these people want to fool around with) Marriage. But they didn't and Bush never signed any legislation regarding your fat ass, Rosie, so STFU for a Change!I can see November from my kitchen window. (Hat-tip to Tina Fey and her alleged humor.)


It seems to me that Rosie was so much happier and nice when she was in the closet. Coming out has made her disgusting and ugly inside out. What an ugly sight she has become. She should go back to the closet for her kids sake, or get some psychological help. I am glad she is out of the view. She is a disgrace to womanhood. I would rather have my eyeballs poked than watch and listen to Rosie. I thought I disliked Donald Trump but he is a darling compared to Rosie.


Also on the view, Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested that the reason Antonella has not been kicked off Idol is because she is pretty and Frenchie Davis was not attractive therefore the hypocracy os justified. What standard of beauty is she using?

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