Paris Hilton No Longer the Face of Florida Nightclubs

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First, Britney Spears' number-one fan site shut down.

Now, two Florida nightclubs named after Paris Hilton will no longer be associated with the useless waste of oxygen.

World According to Paris Still

One by one, the ho train is being derailed.

The owner of these establishments, Fred Khalilian, says he "fired" Hilton because she didn't make scheduled appearances at the two-year-old Club Paris in downtown Orlando.

Another Club Paris opened in Jacksonville last year. Club The Hollywood Gossip, we assume, is in the works.

"She's created a circus for herself," Khalilian says. "It's all about: How has she screwed up now?"

Wait, this guy just came to this realization? He'll probably wake up tomorrow and discover that Ashlee Simpson has no talent, either.

Signs of trouble were apparent from the start, when Hilton was born arrived six hours late to the Orlando club's grand opening in January 2005.

Under the terms of her deal with Khalilian, who sank $3 million into the club, Paris was required to make four appearances a year at the Orlando location. She was often too busy breaking up with, and then fondling, Stavros Niarchos to bother, though.

Khalilian tells the AP he doesn't plan to change the name of the clubs, but says Club Paris will now refer to the city, not the socialite. He also says he plans to hold a contest to find a new face for the hot spots.

Allow us to suggest:


He won't purposefully go near her unsels they happen to be at a same function. Paris, being the attention whore that she is, tries to be at all of the premieres, openings, etc. that she can. Chances are they'll run into each other somewhere. Our Rob, being the gentleman that he is, will hopefully smile, say hello and keep walking.


How about this, what are the chances if he would have opened a club called club halilian"s
that he would have had the same outcome as he did with club Paris. It sounds to me more like a houlihans than a successful club. Just think, would you go to a club named after a family restaurant. Someone should give this guy a smack in the face or pour water on his face, it might wake him up to the best think he ever had.
On his website it says he gave paris a ferrari,
I got a song for you fred, money cant buy me love, ring a bell.
Quick question, how come she was right on time for her CD signing, and were where you?
He used her. I read a while back on the club Paris Website that he named the club after some club in Las Vegas or Casino in Las Vegas called Paris, and it was not named after Paris Hilton I do not see it on the website now, but beleave me It was on the webiste. Some people would do anyting for publicity.


I went to club paris once - there's a gigantic statue of tinkerbell out front and the line was all the way down the block.


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