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While her husband, Keith Urban, may be a walking train wreck, Nicole Kidman was involved in an actual car wreck set of her latest film, The Invasion, in L.A. last night.

Nicole Kidman, who was shaken up but not seriously injured, was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in an SUV, and was released within two hours.

Nicole Kidman is Spanish Gold

Sources say that Kidman's 11-year-old son, Connor Cruise, and 14-year-old daughter, Isabella Cruise, visited the set earlier in the day. They were not present at the time of the accident.

At the time of the incident, the former wife of Tom Cruise was filming a scene in which she's driving a Jaguar, trying to escape some zombie-like characters hanging off the hood.

No word on whether Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are playing said characters.

The vehicle was being towed by a rig in order to give the appearance that the actress was really driving. At around midnight, the driver operating the rig skidded while taking a corner at roughly 45 mph, causing Kidman's car to hit a pole and knock over a garbage can.

This story isn't quite as tragic as when Brandy got into a car crash and killed someone. Or as funny as when Nicole Richie got high on weed and Vicodin and drove the wrong way on the freeway. But hell, it's a slow day.

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Nope, they haven't tied the knot just yet.

But details regarding the upcoming marriage between Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are beginning to leak out.

Birthday Boy and His Wife

For starters, it will take place in France.

We also know it'll be on July 7, 2007, at Château de Chantilly, a fairy-tale-like castle north of Paris. How come? Because Parker thinks 07-07-07 is a lucky day to get hitched on.

Apparently, simply having seen Eva Longoria nude isn't lucky enough for this guy.

Longoria, meanwhile will be traveling to France in February with event planner Mindy Weiss to finalize details for the reception, including ordering the flowers, food and cake. She could also ask Kara Janx for advice.

Finally, designer Monique Lhuillier will create Longoria's dress for the big day, a source says. Eva could ask newly engaged actress Keri Russell for help, too.

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We hope Jay Leno has the booze and hot women ready.

Tara Conner is coming to town!

Fresh out of rehab, the embattled Miss USA will appear on Leno next week.

If men across the country are lucky, so will Katie Rees.

After finishing up a month-long stint at the Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania, Tara will begin her attempt at a serious image makeover on the Friday, February 2 edition of the show.

Tune in to see if she can remain sober.

And to count how many times she thanks Donald Trump for his ability to milk a story for all it's worth forgive.

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The story floating around the Internet this week might make a person feel bad for Paris Hilton, but that implies two things:

  • You would ever feel bad for that waste Paris Hilton.
  • This is not a complete load of crap.

The horrible heiress claims that because she forgot to pay a $208 fee to a storage facility, the company sold her belongings. Which just happened to include sex tapes, nude pics showing hard core girl on girl action, personal diaries, etc.

Cy Waits and Paris Hilton

Now this would be a crazy invasion of privacy, but you can't really believe Stavros Niarchos' girlfriend isn't 100 percent behind it. Consider the following points:

  1. Multimillionaires with mansions do not need storage facilities.
  2. Even if they did, Paris wouldn't store her f*%king diary and pictures in it.
  3. Her only claim to fame is being a slut, therefore the release of new sex videos and raunchy, possibly nude pics at this time is a logical progression.

Case closed. This is no different from the original Paris Hilton sex tape, 1 Night in Paris, which she was "not behind" but still made money off of. Skank.

Anyway, here's a picture of Paris Hilton's breasts on a boat with Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild. There's a match made in heaven right there. As for Paris Hilton's pussy, we haven't seen that piece - but there's no doubt it's in one of the videos "stolen" from her.

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Yes, we would. And we are looking forward to the upcoming commercial starring FedEx as a fast food worker. But not everyone is psyched about it.

Real-life fast food employees are reportedly K-Fed up over the Super Bowl ad that features The Gossip's favorite loser as a lowly fry cook at a fake burger joint.

31 and Proud

In the 30-second spot for Nationwide Insurance, FedEx dresses in a pimp-style black striped suit and fedora, daydreaming of becoming a rap superstar. But then the failed freeloader snaps out of it and returns to reality - where he's working at the faux "Tomy's Burgers" in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood.

Restaurant employees aren't loving this PR.

"A sudden change in Federline's career could have been depicted with him holding an unemployment benefit check," said Annika Stensson of the National Restaurant Association.

"It shouldn't be necessary to disrespect others to get a point across. It's insulting to the 12.8 million restaurant workers in America. It's a negative, unfair and inaccurate reflection. It's not Kevin Federline we take issue with, but the depiction of where he ends up."

And workers at fast-food restaurants across the city agree, saying Federline should be the last one to judge their job choice because he married into money.

Some workers agree. One McDonald's server said she was furious that K-Fed - who was a delivery boy at Pizza Hut before meeting Britney Spears at an L.A. club - made it seem like her job was hardly an accomplishment.

"There's a lot to the job - we have to be quick, keep it clean, keep it fast, keep the food hot," Norma Ortiz, 18, who plans to study medicine at college in the fall, told the New York Post.

Nationwide said the ad is simply a humorous take on one person's life.

"In this commercial we use a humorous characterization of Kevin Federline's life to encourage others to prepare for sudden changes in their lives," said spokesman Eric Hardgrove. "The intent of the ad isn't to offend or insult the fine individuals who work in the restaurant industry. The focus of the ad is the element of surprise, not the setting of a fast food chain."

Our take: At least the father of Jayden James and Sean Preston is doing something to make some money on his own - ironically, by making fun of himself for losing his meal ticket.

Although companies tend to keep their Super Bowl commercials top secret until they air, Nationwide will premiere its ad early, next Monday, on its website. We're hoping for a sequel where K-Fed works at the gas station.

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Zahara Jolie-Pitt is not pleased.

The adopted daughter of Brangelina just wants an ice cream cone.

Angelina Jolie Rules Brad Pitt

Merely a taste. One quick lick.

But Angelina Jolie is having none of it.

She sees what extra calories can do to previously thin, beautiful women. Why do you think Keira Knightley hasn't eaten dessert in 12 years?

Poor, powerless Brad Pitt, meanwhile, can only stand by and watch his daughter suffer. We thought he was stronger than that. But we may have the actor confused with his character in Fight Club.

In the end, Angelina, an ice cream cone isn't the end of the world. It's alcohol that's the Devil's beverage of choice. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

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Forget TomKat. We haven't seen that couch-jumping freak in weeks.

We are all about PoshKat now.

Victoria Beckham Fashion

Oh yes. The pair of A-list wives, who are quickly morphing into robotic drones before our eyes, came together once again this week. The once-hot Victoria Beckham and the once-cute Katie Holmes took their BFF lovefest tour to Paris, known as the City of Scientology Lights. Below are some pictures of these loons:


The ladies (left), dressed in basic black, caused their usual flashbulb frenzy on Tuesday as they arrived for the opening of a new Armani store in Paris. The emaciated but fashionable wife of David Beckham sported an au courant bubble-shaped dress, while Katie donned the latest in K-Mart chic. Good times.

Later, Holmes (right) makes a stunning arrival sans husband Tom Cruise in head-to-toe white for the Armani fashion show. Which we're sure was awesome.

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It's not easy being Anne Heche.

The actress has dated women - notably, Ellen DeGeneres.

She's dated men - say hello to Coley Laffoon, her husband of five years until recently.

And now, she's reportedly dating co-stars - step right up, Men In Trees actor, James Tupper.

A spokesperson for Tupper has confirmed that he's left his wife and is the latest to try his luck with Heche. We think the Keeley Hazell sex tape has a better chance of winning an Oscar than this relationship has of working out.

Last October, Tupper was asked what it's like working with Heche.

"I'm a big fan," he said. "She has an energy that makes people feel included in things. It's like being under a light when you're around her."

A light of confused sexual orientation and morals, sure. What's next, animals? Paris Hilton's pussy sure hopes not.

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Is it possible that getting beaten by Taylor Hicks on American Idol has made Katharine McPhee so insecure that sheld consider joining Hollywood's trendy "religion" just to impress a man?

That's what she told recently in an interview, admitting she looked into Scientology because of some dude. She did not comment on who said dude is.

Megan Joy Corkrey Pic

"I took a couple of courses. It was really all about a guy." McPhee said. "It was a guy that I was totally obsessed with - not obsessed with but totally into and, you know, guys and girls can do that to our lives and make us think we're into something that we're not."

Ah yes. Of course, love can make you do crazy things. Like jump up and down on couches, scare the bejesus out of Matt Lauer, criticize an innocent actress for being depressed, emphasizing that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance, and so on and so forth.

In any case, it's good that Katharine McPhee hasn't gone overboard.

"I'm not a Scientologist," McPhee said. "I've clarified this rumor over and over again, but people will keep saying that I am, but whatever."

Hmm. Sounds like something a Scientology believer would say. Especially one with a supposed friendship with the most famous Scientologists, TomKat.

"I actually did meet them the other day and they were the nicest people I think I've probably ever met," McPhee said, adding that contrary to prior reports, she did not sing at their wedding.

Maybe more clues will be revealed when she releases her up-coming oft-delayed debut album, Katharine McPhee. Tom Cruise could not be reached by The Gossip for comment on this story.

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Reportedly, Wonderland Center addiction-treatment facility is doing wonders for Lindsay Lohan.

"She's been sending text messages from rehab saying she's the happiest she has ever been," a pal tells People magazine in its new issue. "She seems under control right now."

A Hot Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pic

Which is unusual for Lindsay. Normally, she's under some random dude.

Lohan, who had planned to attend the Sundance film festival, has instead been taking hikes on the center's lush three acres and attending treatment meetings. We assume she's been talking to her crazy mom, Dina Lohan, as well.

Says Dr. Howard C. Samuels, the center's executive director: "We treat the individual's emotional, spiritual and physical ailments."

No word on whether or not they can do anything about Lindsay's firecrotch.

Of course, if Lohan does wish to step out, the facility allows patients to attend professional and social engagements, typically with a "sober companion." Guess that rules out Britney Spears.

So, what was the final straw in Lohan's alcoholic drink? The actress hit Hollywood's Les Deux on Jan. 5, less than 24 hours after having her appendix removed.

"That's when (those in her inner circle) said, 'We can't make excuses for this,' " says a source. "She was like, 'You're right. So let's do something about that.' "

Sounds surprisingly mature. Perhaps Anna Nicole Smith could learn a lesson or two from this alcoholic.

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