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After reportedly spending a day working in a dance studio, Britney Spears stopped in to a convenience store in Studio City, Calif., Thursday for an energy boost (below, left). 

The Circus

Hopefully, that "boost" was just Red Bull, but didn't include any vodka. Otherwise, our girl Britney could be in for another random display of exhibitionism (leading to some tremendous nude pictures), or another sudden bout of "tiredness" akin to her New Year's debacle.

Recently, the singer has been more play than business - as we're sure you know. So much so that she's come under fire from Kevin Federline (really) for not being around their kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, enough.

Instead, she's been hitting the club scene with new guy Isaac Cohen (above, right) or whom she recently bought some sexy lingerie. Despite rumors that they broke up, the couple appears to be going strong.

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Please listen up as Sienna Miller makes this passionate plea:

I'm an actress. Not a Jude Law play thing!

Thank you.

As Miller puts it: "I was probably perceived for a long time as someone who was just famous for...well, for a reason, but wasn't taken seriously as an actress. People didn't want to pay attention to the fact that I actually took my work quite seriously.''

She also took breaking up and getting back together with Jude Law seriously.

They got engaged in December 2004, but Miller broke off the relationship after Law's affair with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright, was exposed the following year.

Jeez, some people are just so picky - you don't see Stavros Niarchos ending any relationships in light of new, nude Paris Hilton photos, do you?

Still, the couple were off-and-on for many months following the initial split before finally calling it quits.

Miller says the tribulations with Law would have made a good screen saga. And she's trying to fix her image by denying other hook ups, such as recent rumors about her and Leonardo DiCaprio.

She's also receiving rave reviews for her performance in Factory Girl, in which she stars as Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick.

Oh, and Miller might be dating Josh Hartnett.

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Such when you thought the younger, more robotic half of TomKat was getting ready to pull the most blatant "I'm a slut looking for attention" move in the book, she goes and throws the paparazzi for a loop!

Wearing a full length dress, not a miniskirt, she somehow still managed to nearly show us everything underneath while stepping out of the car in this pic, but there was no crotch shot to be seen, no channeling of her inner Britney Spears to be displayed.


There wasn't even a thong. Guess not every celebrity thinks they have to be a commando queen in order to stay in the spotlight. Or make a sex tape featuring themselves.

As you can see, Katie Holmes is sporting some seriously supportive, full-coverage underwear in this pic. So weak. She can do better than this. Come on girl. Can't you at least take a cue from Victoria Beckham and show off a little skin?

Then again, we're not sure we want to see that alien-producing Asian baby factory either. Much as we love Suri Cruise, it's just kind of lost its appeal at this point.

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Stop the presses. And lock your doors.

Michael J. Walks

Michael Jackson is back in the United States of America, and no one seems to know exactly where. Perhaps even Michael himself.

Yes, the one-time King of Pop could be right around the corner from you. But most likely he's not. You would probably have noticed the hordes of people shrieking in abject terror by now.

You never know, though, and Jackson refused to reveal his whereabouts in a call with the Associated Press yesterday, except to say that he's back in the U.S. Come on, America. Pick it up. Can't we keep people like Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith out after they leave voluntarily?

For security reasons, said Wacko Jacko's representative, he wouldn't say where in the land of the free he is. But we're guessing it's probably not his freak-show ranch.

Recently, the regularly indicted, never convicted child molester has been spotted in Georgia (for James Brown's funeral) Las Vegas (to spend lots of money he thinks he has) and other locations. In March, Jackson is going to Japan, where humans will for some reason pay $3,300 apiece just to shake his hand.

Do they not know where that diseased, gloved hand has been? At the very least, it's been all over his crazy ex-wife - and heaven only knows where else.

Even more bizarrely, during the call, a reporter was allowed only one question to Jackson, which was, "How are you?"

Jackson's response: "I'm fine, thank you."

Wow. What a riveting exchange. Let's give this journalist a Pulitzer. While we're at it, let's give Brooke Hogan a Grammy and annoint Britney Spears mother of the year.

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The world better be ready for Chad Lowe.

Now that he's moving on from ex-wife, Hilary Swank, and starring on TV's hottest show, there's no telling what the actor will do next. For now, though, he's happy with new leading lady, producer Kim Painter.

"She's a lovely person," Lowe told People magazine. "It's a very new relationship."

Lowe's last go arund with the two-time Oscar-winner. was higher-profile. But he denies her success - or any nude Hilary Swank photos - contributed to the marriage's demise.

"I was always proud of her achievements," he said. "It's true that I was less than inspired by the opportunities coming my way as an actor. But that in no way negated my support or admiration for all she's accomplished."

The couple separated after eight years of marriage, and announced in May they were divorcing. It's a fate Eva Longoria and Tony Parker certainly hope to avoid after they tie the knot.

In July, Swank told Vanity Fair that Lowe's impression of Tara Conner substance abuse prevented them from being "completely solid."

"I was disappointed with her decision to go public with my sobriety," said Lowe. "But I don't deny that I had a problem and that it strained our relationship. Was this the reason it ended? No. I've been sober for nearly four years and have never felt better. (I'm) forever grateful to Hilary for her support."

Now, however, he's focused on his 24 role, which he calls "thrilling," and his relationship with Painter.

We just hope it doesn't distract Lowe for helping Jack Bauer save the world. Would be a shame if it did.

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Justin Timberlake may have more moves in his love life than he does on the dance floor.

Now that the singer is free of Cameron Diaz, it appears as though he's trying to bring sexy back with every beautiful woman in Hollywood. Consider:

Biel on the Red Carpet
  • After she starred in his music video, Scarlett Johansson was rumored to have skinny-dipped in the Timberlake. Maybe this last one night, maybe it didn't happen at all. But she'll still very good looking.
  • After a concert last week, JT retired to his Vegas hotel room and played basketball with ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Milano. Did they also play baseball, going to third base and beyond with one another? We may never know.
  • The latest rumored romance? Sources say Jessica Biel flew out to Park City, Utah to meet up with Timberlake during the Sundance Film Festival. They snowboarded together. Take that for what you will

Biel has ended her relationship with Derek Jeter and was recently seen talking closely with Justin during a party after the Golden Globes. So there is background to these allegations.

We just hope Diaz is too busy surfing with Kelly Slater to read about them.

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Simon Cowell has never been one to keep things to himself, but when his fellow American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, gets rambling, the surly Brit can't get a word in edgewise. Hence, he's relegated to wishing the ex-Laker girl would just shut the g*d damn hell up.

And wishing he could have a drink about now....

Karen Rodriguez, Naima Adedapo and Haley Reinhart

The fact that the show's poor, innocent contestants have to see and listen to Paula Abdul drunk is bad enough. But for Simon and fellow judge Randy Jackson, who have to sit next to her and put up with such nonsense night in and night out, the seemingly unending American Idol auditions must be hell.

We hope young beauties with substance abuse problems such as Tara Conner and Lindsay Lohan are watching this display. Lay off the booze, gals, or you might end up like this train wreck in about 10 years.

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The Hollywood Gossip is renowned for breaking new ground, for defining its own boundaries. If we want to expand our Celebrity Look-Alikes to include three people at once, we're not afraid to pull the trigger!

Here are three blonde cuties you have probably heard of, and who are a combined 62 years old. In other words, old enough to make you feel dirty looking at this... though Hayden Panettiere (who does not appear here) is only 17. Think about that.

Looking Lost

Anyway, from left to right, here are aspiring actress and Laguna Beach alumna Kristin Cavallari, former American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler, and High School star Ashley Tisdale. That's the reality show, not your actual high school. Sorry, guys.

Chances are, you'll be hearing more from these three in coming years.

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The Hollywood Gossip knows not every reader wants to spend hours picking through the news of the day.

Sometimes, you just want beauty and you want it right away. Hence, our presentation of Jennifer Garner pictures.

Brooke Burke Nude Photo

There was also the time we got right to the point with Anne Hathaway.

Now, it's time to sit back and admire the beauty that is Brooke Burke. She certainly knows how to wear a bikini. We apologize to hubby David Charvet for just putting his wife out there like this.

But we think he'll get over it when he goes home to this looker tonight.


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There are rumors circulating that Jessica Simpson is only going around with John Mayer in order to make a certain ex-husband jealous.

Apparently she doesn't know just how fun and fearless Nick Lachey can be.

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo Nude

But Cosmopolitan does - and the magazine just awarded Nick the honor of Fun and Fearless Man of the Year.

We're not entirely sure what that honor means, but it sounds enjoyable and brave to us. And Lachey looks mighty proud in the image below. We're guessing Vanessa Minnillo is also happy for her man.

In other news, Paris Hilton won the Slutty and Desperate award. Congrats to all.

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