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Don't worry, he hasn't taken up any steamy offers from Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

But an unexpected, older woman joined Justin Timberlake at Wednesday's Hollywood premiere of his new movie Alpha Dog. His mom, Lynn Harless.

It was a sweet gesture, but was it also a sign that there's trouble with long-time girlfriend, Cameron Diaz? We hope not, as the actress and JT are one of The Hollywood Gossip's favorite famous couples.

After the movie, mother and hot son hit the afterparty at Ivar Studios.

He and Harless hung out in the venue's VIP section, chatting and taking photos with his Alpha Dog costars until just before 11 p.m., when they headed out to the club Social Hollywood.

There, they met up with Scarlett Johansson, who recently filmed a video for one of Timberlake's new songs. She shared a one-on-one with him for about an hour before Harless joined in the conversation â€" and then hit the dance floor with her son to the Jackson 5's "ABC."

Later, while Timberlake hung out with some of his Alpha Dog costars, including Emile Hirsch, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Foster and Olivia Wilde, Harless and Johansson talked until the club closed.

Sounds like Dina Lohan could learn a lesson or two from Harless about how to behave in public.

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Back from Australia (where she snuggled openly with boyfriend Stavros Niarchos), the disgusting Paris Hilton and her BFF, Kim Kardashian turn their attention to the night's star attraction, pop star Justin Timberlake, at the Alpha Dog after-party in Hollywood.

Given the recent rumors of a possible Kim Kardashian sex tape surfacing, T.H. Gossip can only imagine what they were talking about...

Sticking It Out

Well, maybe not. But regardless, it's good to see that Paris is back on speaking terms with Kim Kardashian. KK was apparently pissed when Paris ditched her for Timberlake's ex, Britney Spears. Oh, the good old days.

As for the sex tape, we don't know if it's real, but three things are for certain:

  1. If Paris and Kim did proposition Timberlake like this, there's no way he'd go for it - regardless of whether he and Cameron Diaz are still on.
  2. If it is legit, David Hans Schmidt will get his hands on that thing.
  3. Either way, this story isn't nearly as funny as that of one celebrity porn tape that is real - the Dustin Diamond sex tape.

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This is difficult news to swallow, readers, but the surgery Lindsay Lohan is undergoing today is not life-threatening. She'll be fine.

We'll let you take a moment to process such information, as we explaine that Lohan's crotch was not the only thing on fire today; she's having her appendix removed.

Eilat Anschel and Lindsay Lohan

"She does have appendicitis, and she is getting her appendix removed," rep, Leslie Sloane, said.

"I'm shocked," a friend of the actress told People magazine. "I talked to her last night and she told me she was not feeling well but she thought it was a 24-hour-flu."

We're not sure what's so shocking. That Lindsay's self-diagnosis was mistaken? A lot of people undergo appendectomies: a Hollywood Gossip staff member's parents ... Meredith Grey ...

This is not the first health scare for Lohan. She fractured her wrist in September after a fall at a party in New York City; and was hospitalized in July after becoming "overheated and dehydrated," Sloane said at the time.

She also recently complained about the bruises on her thighs while practicing pole dancing for her role as a stripper in the upcoming thriller I Know Who Killed Me.

Or that could've been from a typical Saturday night out. Not that Kevin Federline would know anythig about that.

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We shouldn't have to tell you by now that since her divorce from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson's acting and singing careers have fallen flat.

But Jessica's biggest problem might be with her father, Crazy Joe Simpson. After her botched Dolly Parton tribute, then bailing on the Kennedy Center Honors, then pissing off her pimp dad by turning down a paying New Year's Eve gig to party with that loser John Mayer, Jessica was told to get her ass in gear.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Picture

Thus, Jessica Simpson was spotted filming another... commercial for Pizza Hut. That's the stuff of stardom right there. But hey, a paycheck is a paycheck, right?

The new spot takes place at a glamorous movie premiere and features Simpson nearly tripping on her red dress. Or maybe that's not acting - who knows if she has mastered walking. The Simpson family? Not smart.

Just look at Ashlee.

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He may be Bond ... James Bond. But Daniel Craig is also a versatile actor.

In fact, he's starring in two movies with Nicole Kidman this year and the striking pair recently sat down with W magazine. We've included a few photos from the shoot.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Don't worry about the black and white picture, fans. Craig is still happily dating Satsuki Mitchell. And Nicole Kidman supports her troubled husband, Keith Urban.

So if the heat here seems real, just chalk it up to great acting.


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We always knew Angelina Jolie was special.

The woman is gorgeous and generous.


Except maybe when it comes to stealing the husband of Jennifer Aniston. But anyway.

Turns out we had no idea just how unique Angelina was. Check out this depiction of the actress, alongside children Zahara, Maddox and Shiloh Nouvel.

It's known as "Blessed Art Thou" and the artist chose Jolie because:

...of her unavoidable presence in the media, the world-wide anticipation of her child, her 'unattainable' beauty and the good that she is doing in the world through her example ...

We don't wish to disrupt Brangelina here, but we do have one question for the woman behind this drawing, Kate Kretz:

Does the Lord not love Brad Pitt?

Perhaps we should save that question for Stephen Baldwin.

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At T.H. Gossip, we always enjoy a good celebrity arrest. Unfortunately, they all can't be as high-profile - or high-comedy - as the recent Nicole Richie DUI bust or the infamous Mel Gibson anti-Semitic tirade.

No, more often, it's the D-listers who get cuffed and dragged off to the slammer - or are involved in stalking cases (in other words, it's more likely to be Bob Uecker than Hilary Duff).

Tyrese Image

Today, we have no fewer than four such stories to share with you. Let's begin with Busta Rhymes (pictured), who turned himself over to the NYPD last night after a man accused the rap star of beating him up.

The unidentified man claims Rhymes, who was also arrested for crimes last year, and whose real name is Trevor Smith, punched and kicked him numerous times in a dispute over money outside a Manhattan building December 26.

Prosecutors have charged Busta with two counts of assault, one count of attempted assault, and harassment. The judge set his bail at $3,500 this morning and ordered him to stay away from the alleged victim. He is due back in court on February 20.

Police are also conducting a criminal investigation into allegations that R & B singer Tyrese (left) punched his pregnant girlfriend twice early this morning.

Initial reports indicated that Tyrese hit the woman in the stomach, but now reports say he struck her arm and her thigh - which is sooo much better.

Tyrese's live-in girlfriend claimed that the two got into a heated argument around 5:30 AM at their Los Angeles home. Paramedics responded after Tyrese allegedly struck the woman, who is five months pregnant, then drove away from the scene - Joe Simpson style. Always a class move.

Reps for Tyrese had no comment.

Then there's the restraining order filed by Days of Our Lives star Drake Hogestyn against a man he says assaulted him in his home on New Year's Eve, - and physically tried to exorcise the devil from him.

It's a slow news day.

Hogestyn (right) says he was with his family in the backyard of their Malibu home when Carl Cheney of Portland, Ore., came onto his property and ran at his daughter carrying a bible screaming, "Where is he? I will cast him out!"

Hogestyn says Cheney grabbed and pushed his wife backwards on their patio stairs. At that time, Hogestyn "grabbed him by the hair, spun him around, delivered a right cross to the chin that sent him down the stairs."

The intruder - who may have entered the wrong house, a la Kid Rock - is in custody, held on $150,000 bail.

Last, we have veteran sportscaster Jim Lampley (okay, it's a really slow news day), who was arrested last night in San Diego on felony charges of domestic abuse.

Police say Lampley posted his $35,000 bail and is awaiting his release from the Vista Jail in San Diego.

He is staring at a felony count of domestic abuse, as well as two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining order and preventing a witness from testifying.

Wow. We knew pro athletes were all about thug life, but we had no idea about broadcasters.

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Shanna Moakler has found herself a new man. And it's one many other women have found themselves in bed with over the years.

Porn star Jay Grdina left Mr. Chow last night holding the hand of the former Miss USA and Dancing with the Stars contestant. For Shanna's sake, we hope he washed up first.

Blonde with Braids

Grdina has starred in several adult classics such as Encino Housewife Hookers and I Dream of Jenna. He's also in the process of getting divorced from Jenna Jameson.

We apologize to those who were hoping Moakler and Jesse DeSoto would last. Fortunately for her, however, there's little doubt that Grdina will last and last and last.

It also looks like those rumors of a New Year's reunion between Shanna and her ex-hubby Travis Barker were just that.

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In what is shaping up to be a battle of ugly overrated rockers who have been married to Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock is apparently steamed at Tommy Lee.

You knew this was going to happen at some point, and Kid Rock - who both married and announced he will be getting divorced from the bombshell in 2006 - officially has progressed harmless, trailer trash poser to scorned, jealous ex.

Kid Rock Pic

Kid has it out for Tommy Lee, who used to be married to Anderson, and wasn't letting a little thing like a door stand in his way.

When he heard that Lee was in Las Vegas to play The Joint with his band Supernova over the weekend, Rock headed over to his hotel room to "kick some serious ass," a witness told Page Six.

"Kid Rock is divorcing Pam Anderson, but he heard [her ex] Tommy was hooking up with her, and got all riled up," says the source.

"So he went over at 6 a.m. with two bodyguards, and began kicking down what he thought was Tommy's door. Only it wasn't - and Kid found himself staring at some poor, startled family. He signed an autograph for them as security arrived, then bolted over to a local strip club."

Surprisingly, Britney Spears was not performing.

According to his representative, Lee aware that this incident occurred, but wasn't present at the time, as he was staying on another floor.

Borat declined comment.

This just proves our age-old theory: Kid Rock is not smart. While he was kind enough to apologize and sign post-gaffe autographs, he should make sure he's got the person's room number right before he goes looking for a fight. Regardless, we expect him to join our celebrity mug shot gallery real soon.

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First, Britney Spears' number-one fan site shut down.

Now, two Florida nightclubs named after Paris Hilton will no longer be associated with the useless waste of oxygen.

World According to Paris Still

One by one, the ho train is being derailed.

The owner of these establishments, Fred Khalilian, says he "fired" Hilton because she didn't make scheduled appearances at the two-year-old Club Paris in downtown Orlando.

Another Club Paris opened in Jacksonville last year. Club The Hollywood Gossip, we assume, is in the works.

"She's created a circus for herself," Khalilian says. "It's all about: How has she screwed up now?"

Wait, this guy just came to this realization? He'll probably wake up tomorrow and discover that Ashlee Simpson has no talent, either.

Signs of trouble were apparent from the start, when Hilton was born arrived six hours late to the Orlando club's grand opening in January 2005.

Under the terms of her deal with Khalilian, who sank $3 million into the club, Paris was required to make four appearances a year at the Orlando location. She was often too busy breaking up with, and then fondling, Stavros Niarchos to bother, though.

Khalilian tells the AP he doesn't plan to change the name of the clubs, but says Club Paris will now refer to the city, not the socialite. He also says he plans to hold a contest to find a new face for the hot spots.

Allow us to suggest: