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John Mayer sucks.

Polls show him trailing Nick Lachey nearly 3-to-1 in popularity regarding Jessica Simpson's choice in men. That's got to make Mayer, who's begging for credibility as a real musician after rising to fame via annoying soft rock albums, enraged.

Baby Got Back

Or not. After all, the guy's gotten with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson, so he probably couldn't care less what people think. The tattoo on his right arm (below) says it all. Life. That's what John Mayer is all about. So profound. He's a free spirit who aspires to live every day like it's his last. And hopefully get in the pants of Joe Simpson's daughter.

Plus, there is always his porn collection.

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Simon, Paula, Randy and ... Courtney Love?

Hold on to your remotes, American Idol fans, because the legendary rock idol Love tells Us Weekly that American Idol wants her!

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

THG NOTE: We're not sure whether to believe this just yet, given that Us Weekly, who broke the story, considers Courtney Love a rock idol.

In any event, Love revealed to the website that American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe called her last week inquiring into whether she would be interested in sitting in as a judge on the hit FOX show.

"He called," said Love, who may just be trying to better her online dating prospects by hyping herself. "He was wondering if I was interested. I thought it was kind of weird but brilliant."

No word on whether Love tried to negotiate a washed-up, mid-90s package deal of sorts featuring herself and rumored boyfriend Billy Corgan.

The question remains: Is FOX potentially lining up a replacement for slap-happy, usually-drunk Paula Abdul, or just looking to spice up the show with a fourth judge?

Love, who is in L.A. recording a solo album, declined to reveal any more specific details. But we can see her on the program. Drunk. And fighting with Paula Abdul. We're talking fist fight here, not just trading barbs.

A source says that the show is considering having Love replace that lush, but American Idol has stood by Abdul publicly thus far, and the show's reps could not be reached for comment.

Wonder how Love feels about Katharine McPhee's chest...

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Tara Conner is an alcoholic.

But that's not so uncommon in Hollywood. Just ask Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan. What helps to set Miss USA apart in that case?

Smack. White powder. Cocaine. Conner admits - in an interview with Matt Lauer on Today - that she dabbled in this and other hard drugs.

"I have done cocaine, yeah," Tara said. "I've tried several different things."

Included in that, of course, would be make out sessions with Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair.

People connected with the pageant had said ne of the big problems with Tara's situation was that her hair follicles had tested positive for cocaine â€" a much more sensitive test than urinalysis.

We wish Tara a full recovery - and hope others don't jump to any drug-laden conclusions when it comes to Lauren Nelson, the new Miss America.

Give her a chance.

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As Kevin Federline and his estranged wife battle over their divorce settlement, sources have heard from both camps that the couple is seriously trying to settle the case and put it behind them.

That includes the financial end of things.

Meet the Trawicks

It seems like FedEx must have gotten quite a windfall from that Super Bowl ad, because he reportedly just turned down a $25 million settlement from Britney Spears, according to Star Magazine.

We have no clue if that figure is accurate, but the mag says it's Britney Spears' final offer, the catch being that Kevin has to walk away - from her and the kids - once and for all.

And K-Fed, who's shown a greater interest in parenting than his hard-partying, commando queen spouse since their split last fall, ain't having none of that.

"There's no way he's going to disappear from their lives," says Star's source.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly was able to get its hands on the receipt from Brit's recent trip to the food store. Yeah, those guys at Us are dedicated, we'll give them that. And awful writers.

Naturally, as you can see below, an assistant pushed the shopping cart and carried her dogs/kids/personal items as Spears sucked on a lollipop.

Below is a list of what the pop princess bought. Let's just say it fits her usual diet.

We have to give her credit for buying in bulk on the Lean Cuisines to save some dough, but those potato chips and hot dogs are gonna kill you, babe. Then again, at least she's not eating at McDonald's every meal.

  • Hot dogs: $4.19
  • Doritos: $1.88
  • Lean Cuisine One Dish Favorite frozen meal (5): $10.00
  • Diet Coke and 7-Up, 12-packs: $7.79
  • Florida's Natural orange juice (2): $6.00
  • Bib: $3.99
  • Pampers Easy-ups, size 6: (for Sean Preston) $10.79
  • Pampers Swaddlers, size 1 (for Jayden James): $10.49
  • Total: $55.13

Notice there's no underwear on that list. Well, not to worry, fans - Isaac Cohen took care of that!

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It's this guy's lucky day.

Stopping by the Coked-Up Slut Store in suburban L.A., he thought he'd order a companion for the night. Little did he know they were offering a special 2-for-1 promotion until the end of January! Who knew?

A Nicole Richie Image

Yes, that's Nicole Richie in the foreground, looking frighteningly thin as ever. Behind her is her friend Paris Hilton - the horrible hotel heiress who we've heard takes it from behind.

It turns out Lindsay Lohan was still inside the store, but as far as we know, you can't negotiate a 3-for-1 deal. You can, however, download the Kim Kardashian sex tape for free.

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It's chaos on the set of VH1's hit show Celebrity Fit Club, according to TMZ, which has exclusive details on multiple battles raging between its "stars."

According to sources, the first flare-up took place between medical/diet expert Dr. Ian and Ant, the show's host - over a cigarette. Dr. Ian blew up (figuratively) when Ant fired up a Marlboro Light in the doc's vicinity. Britney Spears would be proud.

After the two men were separated, egos were stroked, and both got over the incident, production resumed. But that wasn't all the drama by any means.

Soon after, former Saved By the Bell star and current porn star Dustin Diamond allegedly threatened to "make a dildo of my c**k and f**k" former American Idol star Kimberly Locke with it during a heated altercation.

Gross, dog. It would probably be hotter if it were another Saved By the Bell star threatening another American Idol finalist with this. Like Mario Lopez saying it to Carrie Underwood.

Nevermind, it's still nasty.

According to sources, Locke, along with almost every member of the cast, including pop star Tiffany, rap star Warren G and Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick all stormed off the set.

Wow. We knew Screech was a sick f**k back when he gave those chicks the Dirty Sanchez, but this is messed up. The producers have reportedly exiled him and he will no longer interact with the cast. No word on whether the cast will watch the Dustin Diamond sex tape instead.

While we applaud Diamond for trying to make things interesting, hopefully the next season of Celebrity Fit Club will feature some more interesting characters. Like Katie Rees, maybe. Or how about David Hans Schmidt. The guy could stand to lose a few pounds.

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We tried to tell you.

All those people that mistakenly drooled over Mischa Barton during her time on The OC were missing out on the best looking gal on the show.

Olivia Wilde Nylon Cover

And, no, we're not talking about Rachel Bilson. Even though that cutie will always have a place in our heart.

But not like Olivia Wilde does. The actress who played Marissa's lesbian lover for not nearly enough episodes in Season Three proved herself as a genuine talent. And not a bad looker, either.

Need further evidence? Go watch the Justin Timberlake movie, Alpha Dog. But leave after Olivia gets naked - there's nothing else worth remembering about the film.

Or you could just check out these pictures. 

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We were pretty much already sold on the next Batman movie once Heath Ledger signed up as The Joker.

Then, we heard that Scientology slave, Katie Holmes, had bowed out of production and we were looking to buy tickets months in advance.

Rachel McAdams Pic

Now, reports are circulating that the young actress taking Mrs. Cruise's place is none other than Rachel McAdams. We McLove her. Buy us a tub of popcorn and save us front row seats, please.

Seen here, McAdams is with boyfriend and rumored fiance, Ryan Gosling. They're one of our favorite couples, no question.

While anything involving Diddy and Sienna Miller just seems dirty, this twosome ooze cuteness.

We wish them nothing but the best.

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Katharine McPhee has a new album out today.

It appears as though the American Idol runner-up from a season ago would prefer if we focus our attention on other assets of hers at the moment, however.

Katharine McPhee Breasts

Yowza. Kat is giving Victoria Beckham a run for her boobtacular money in this picture.

And we're not saying there's anything wrong with that. Except McPhee has talent.

We don't think she needs to flaunt her chest in order to receive attention; Posh Spice, on the other hand, only has a cool British accent, a famous husband named David Beckham and famous friends that may or may not be insane.

Without her giant boobs, what would become of Victoria?

As for Katharine, you needn't be Paula Abdul drunk in order to recognize a beautiful voice when you hear it.

Stick to singing and let your skills shine through, Kat.

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She's been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio.

He just had twins with longtime lover Kim Porter.

She still pines for ex Jude Law.

He likes to ogle Jessica Biel.

All that said, it seems extremely unlikely that Sienna Miller and Diddy are anything but just good pals. But they sure do like to party together. And this is the Hollywood Gossip.

On the heels of their Sundance Film Festival cavorting, the twosome was spotted partying and getting cozy at Bungalow 8 Saturday night along with two of Miller's friends from London. At 9 a.m. Sunday, the paparazzi spotted the lovely Sienna Miller being dropped off at her hotel by the father of newborn twins.

The incident apparently caught Diddy off guard, and he went as far as to ask that the pictures not be used. Hmm. Very interesting. Has Puffy seen a nude Sienna Miller, or are they just flirting and boozing?

A rep for Miller said there is nothing romantic going on:

"Sienna is only interested in Sean as a friend."

A rep for Diddy said they are just friends.

"They are just friends," the rep said.

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