Oprah Winfrey Sued by Ridiculous, Greedy Woman

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Tayna Milner, meet Heather Mills. You two gold-digging gold diggers seem to have a lot in common.

You're each trying to take hard-earned money from a pair of the most respected celebirites in the world. For Mills, it's Paul McCartney.

Oprah and Fans

For Milner, it's Oprah Winfrey. She's alleging she was injured in a rush for seats during a taping of the talk show host's syndicated TV show.

Claiming she was pushed down stairs between a waiting area and audience seating at Harpo Studios on April 11, Milner is seeking $50,000 in damages. It must've been some bump on the knee.

The lawsuit accuses the studio in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood of failing to properly control the crowd. Seems about as reasonable to us as the claim that Britney Spears simply fell asleep on New Year's Eve.

Phone messages seeking comment were left Thursday night for Milner's attorney, Joseph Curcio, and Harpo Studios.

Meanwhile, we wonder if The View will encounted such rabid fans now that Sherri Sheperd has joined the program. Tune in and find out.


Most money grabbers would sue for much more than just medical costs. The fact that the woman involved was injured in 2006 means nothing because trauma injuries often take months to materalize. My nephew was seriously injured in an auto collision which was not his fault. He settled quickly for a night in the hospital and a year later began to have seizures which doctors attribute to his car crash. If the woman was faking it my guess is she would be shooting for millions.


Wow it's amazing how many people stoop so low to try and get money they don't deserve. I'm sure that bump on the knee has really caused so much physical and emotional damage to Milner. I really hope she doesn't win anything and hopefully the case will be thrown out. Oprah is an amazing woman who has done so much for people and the community. I praise her and admire all the things she has accomplished in her life. Oprah is also nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite Talk Show Host. You can tune in to see if she wins on January 9th at 9pm on CBS. I work with the People's Choice Awards and you can go to http://pcavote.webboard.com/ and ask her or the other nominated celebs and your question may be answered LIVE at the awards show. Tune in and check it out!


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