Olsen Twins: Battle of the Blondes

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Despite her ever-changing hair color, Mary-Kate Olsen (below, left) has kept one constant in her life - anorexia. Oops, we mean her boyfriend. That's Max Snow. He's a New York rocker type, people say. He may or may not be an actual musician (our research team is trying to confirm that), but he's a rock star in the eyes of Mary-Kate.

Max and his hobo lumberjack girlfriend, who have been an item since October, head out for coffee before checking out an L.A. art gallery on Thursday. Looks like they are having a fun time. Which is great, because Mary-Kate should enjoy herself now before Max Snow stars railing Paris Hilton, as is customary for her beaus.

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Meanwhile, sister Ashley Olsen, who's gone back to blonde herself, shows off her dark sense of style during a solo shopping outing in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Oh, those crazy Olsen Twins, always having to look the same. Which reminds us, there are probably some Full House re-runs on somewhere. That Kimmy girl is so hot!

Is it just us, or does Ashley look like an evil villain of some sort in that picture? Or a zombie? She and the vampire who possessed Britney Spears yesterday should hang out.


answar to Dee ,,
the olson twins , are just following the style, and that is fasion ,, so deal with it !!!


I think the olsen twins have hot style. If i could dress like them i would. They dress so different then everybody else and that is hot. At least they dont dress all slutty.
You go girls. kickass


the olsen twins rock i mean sure they had problem here and there, but no ones perfect


Why those twins are always dressed like they stole their mom's sunglasses, shoes and big coat? Aren't they able to find anything that fits?

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