Mug Shot of Drake Hogestyn Home Intruder Released

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Right after we finished discussing the latest in the Jim Lampley domestic violence arrest, we came across this mug shot of Carl Raymond Cheney - the dude accused of entering the home of a handsome soap opera star and attacking him on New Year's Eve.

Cheney allegedly ran into the back yard of Drake Hogestyn's Malibu, Calif., home, screaming "Where is he? I will cast him out!"

Referring to Hogestyn as his longtime Days of Our Lives character, John Black, the nutjob then confronted him, at which point the actor took control of the situation in a manner that would make his Days of Our Lives fans, and producers, proud.

Hogestyn "delivered a right cross to the chin" that sent Cheney flying down the stairs. Then he duct-taped his hands and feet together until the police arrived and arrested Cheney. Sounds like a case of life imitating art!

Cheney remains in custody on $150,000 bail. Hogestyn remains the man! If only we could convince K-Fed to break into his house next.

NOTE: While it's not really appropriate to put some random stalker in our exclusive gallery of celebrity mug shots, we went ahead and did it anyway.


I'm just thankful that Drake and his family are ok. It is terrible what happened and unbelievable how a celebrity cannot even be in their own yard without some type of trouble whether being photographers, stalkers, or someone out to hurt them. I have been a loyal viewer of Days of our Lives since the 80's, with Drake being my favorite actor on the show. Actors have a career just like other professionals..doctors, policemen, etc. Let's give them the privacy and respect as we do professionals in other careers.


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