Mischa Barton Blames her Character's Death for End of The OC

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Looks like Jack Bauer isn't the only person mystified by the death of Marissa Cooper.

Mischa Barton recently had the nerve to say that the death of her character was the reason why The OC has been canceled.


The 20-year-old star is really, really thin. She also played Marissa on the teen series and died in a car accident at the end of the last season.

When asked if she was surprised that the show had been axed she told Fox News: "No. They killed me off."

We hate to break it to Mischa, but The Hollywood Gossip staff - who were huge fans of the series before it started sucking - somehow doubt viewers cared about her character's demise.

Rachel Bilson is still on it, right? Then perhaps it was the quality of the writing, and not the death of a boring character, that actually led to cancellation.



Heh, without Marissa, the show sucked. She was kind of annoying, but she did make the show, and it was suuuch a stupid move to kill off the main character.


Mischa's right. It wasn't Marissa that was the absolute best thing ever, but Marissa's interactions with Ryan, Julie, Summer, etc.
The rest of the characters are empty without her.


It was good that they killed her off. I think that as a great twist and that could've been so great for the story. Too bad the writing was poor.


Marissa and Ryan were my favorite part of the O.C, them breaking up and getting back together... But season 4 in my opinion was just as good and out off all the series I have ever watched, I can safely say the OC is by far the best. Gutted it stopped at season 4...


Killing off Marissa was the biggest mistake EVER!! I mean really, she was part if the original 4 and somehow that karmic attraction between her and Ryan was ath we ALL looved and watched for. Pls the loss of Marissa killed the show...End of.


when they killed of Marissa the whole show being axed was bound to happen the whole show was based primarily Marissa, Ryan, Seth and summer so to change it that dramatically was what ended the television show which really sucked cause it was a really good show in comparison to the crap they put on the television these days.


quite frankly i think taylor was a far better main character than marissa and the fourth series was probably my favourite out of all of them!


i don't agree with this at all. and i think the fact that a big website like this posted something like this is really low and pathetic. and i 100% agree that a big reason for the show beggining to suck was because Marissa died. Yea, she's not THE MAIN CHARACTER but she IS A MAIN CHARACTER. and her and Ryan had such chemistry and everyone wanted Marissa and Ryan together. The reason people stopped watching is because they wanted Ryan w. Marissa and when she was killed off the show it made alot of the other characters unimportant and lose meaning along with it.


Poor Writing was the main reason for the cancellation. Every season did have a crazy drama with a random guy that jus falls hard for marissa. combonation killed it


Marissa was not The OC. Ryan was if anything! For me the OC was Ryan being taking in by the Cohens, it was that he literally became family, and that is what I believe the show was primarily, it was family. Sure they had Illegitimate children, lovers, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, drug overdoses, Shootings, Heart Attacks, Rapes(or almost rapes), Little sedan Collision with semi(yet character only had a bump on the head), alcoholism again(this time kirsten, The perfect mother), more deaths, Car accidents, cage fights (all this in the first 3 years Surprisingly season 4 was pretty calm!)- but when it came down to it, I watched it for the calm stuff. The touching family moments.
It moved at a mile a minute!

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