Melissa Joan Hart Rips Chris Daughtry On MySpace

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No one has heard much from Melissa Joan Hart in recent years.

Maybe it's because her hit shows, Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are no longer on the air. And may not really qualify as hit shows.

Melissa Joan Hart Bikini Pic

Or maybe it's because she's an immature, homophobic biatch. It's apparently very possible. At least if you check out a recent posting on her MySpace page, where she lashes out at American Idol singing sensation Chris Daughtry.

Seriously. Click here and read it. Hart is coming to the defense of Mark Wilkerson, her husband (pictured with the has-been above) and a member of the band Course of Nature. Melissa insists Wilkerson wrote most of the single "It's Not Over," which appears on Daughtry's debut album... albeit with a different chorus.

Here's what she writes:

Chris Daughtry must be stopped
I am so sick of all the articles saying Chris wrote the song "It's Not Over". Then the other day I saw in In touch that Ace Young is taking credit as well. Bulls*&%t. Mark fully wrote everybit of that song except the new lyrics in the chorus... which are gay anyhow. Mark wrote the song about his ex- manager screwing him over and they turned it into a fairy love song. Anyway just wanted to vent and give my man his due credit. If anyone agrees, write in to the rags and let em have it. I am!!!

Wow. She's not jealous or anything. We're all about using MySpace to bash other celebrities, but this is easily the lamest example since Nicole Richie's Rachel Zoe rant.

Wonder how Chris Daughtry would take to hearing his song's chorus called "gay." Probably about as well as Reichen Lehmkuhl would take to having his love life blogged about by Perez Hilton. And if Chris cranks out "fairy" love songs, where does that leave Clay Aiken songs, Melissa? Care to expound on that?


It is so fascinating to see the mistakes of nature rake poor Melissa Joan Hart over the coals as they stand beside one of their own, nevermind the injustice they embrace, just because he is one of "them". And then the fairy queens flit about together to mourn the cruel way their depravity is held up to exposure and attack a woman who refuses to giggle around them as they smirk behind their backs. Freaks of nature need each other because they are so different from the rest of mankind.


Check out a song called "Clarissa" by Mindless Self Indulgence. It's pretty funny.


face it daughtry is generic pop crap, listen to some crazy sh?t like TMV or some fure legendary stuff like tool for real talent...theres a lot of talent to be found out there if you stay away from pre packaged pop crapola. STAY CAV!


C'mon guys! She didn't mean it. Sometimes people flood stuff out without meaning what they say. She could have said that and meant it in a hundred different ways, so please just cut her some slack and lay off!


oh yeah, chris daughtry is annoying! jk. I personally am unbiased in this article.

Avatar's the deal. Whoever wrote this aricle is an idiot. People don't really care about celebrities cause like they don't help us at all! (i came onto this site by accident and couldn't resist reading the comments) maybe everyone should just find intrest in their own lives.


The song is retarded who would wanna take credit for that. Daughtry is an overrated Nickleback wannabe. But it doesn't surprise me that he is a hit. People today buy anything.
Elliott Yamin is a true artist and should be selling more records then the PENIS WITH EARS


You can always tell a daughtry fan because when they get mad they call everyone gay. Guess we could call them gay bashers.


Daughtry gives credit to Melissa's husband and 3 other guys on the CD for the song - that was not the problem. The problem was that Melissa wanted credit ONLY for her husband, and Daughtry would not do that. Fair is fair, Melissa...grow up.


Check out his copying a Nickleback song:

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