Mariah Carey Wins Important Lawsuit over Mary Carey

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That was a close one. Fortunately, singer Mariah Carey has proudly defended the honor of her unique name.

Well Red

The narrow-minded star has successfully sued porn star Mary Carey in order to halt the use of her similar sounding name. A judge has decided the naked wonder - born as Mary Ellen Cook - may no longer go by the moniker that jump started her sex-crazed career in 2002.

And not a second too soon, either!

Fans across the globe were constantly confusing the washed up singer who can't possibly compete with Britney Spears for attention with the pornographic actress that ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor.

The lawsuit was almost as logical as the recent age discrimination case brought against Donald Trump and The Apprentice.

There are no reports, however, of Mariah taking Eminem to court over allegations that her boned her rotten. We think we know why.


I believe that Mariah had every write to do that. It's would be different if she just had almost the same name. But the way she uses it is a different story. She does down Mariah adn says she's better. But really we all know whos better. She could even measure up to the person Mariah is. Sure guys may say so but she'll never be MARIAH CAREY as much of a fake wanna be as she is.She knows she secretly wants to be Mimi. Who wouldn't? But being a porn star slut won't help you get there sweetie sorry to tell ya.


Mariah Carey is an asswipe!!

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