Look Out, Oprah: Here Comes Steve Wilkos

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Looks like you may have some competition soon, Oprah Winfrey.

The former body guard of Jerry Springer is coming to get you and all other talk show hosts. We'd run and hide if we were you.

After all, we've seen Steve Wilkos in action.

The guy means business. Just read his quote in regard to the new program:

"I really like helping people."

The former Marine and cop, will offer advice and "dole out his own version of justice" on the as-yet-untitled show, distributor NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution said yesterday.

If it's anything like Anna Nicole Smith justice, the world is in trouble.


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Dear Steve,
I enjoy watching your show everyday. I think you should bring your show to the bay area because there's alot of people that needs help. You're the only person that can help. People out here always struggle in terrible situations. I really hope you come to the bay area.


steve I just wanted you to know that you are the man. I think your are going to change the world i watch you every time you come on im inpressed that some one else out there like my self can see the truth for what it is could i please have a tee shirt so i can repersent you in my home town Rochester MN. thank you much love maureen


Dear Steve, The last show you did on June the 13th was a discrace. You have completly taken the innocent until proven guilty out of the justice department. You would not even talk to the man like a man. I don't agree with the charges againist him but he was not even tried yet. This is the one of the reasons that officers of the law have such a bad rep for abusing there power and not being tackful and just. The officers on the show are at fault also because they let the disrespect go on without stopping you!!! You need to go to anger managent and learn there is a time and a place to dispaly anger and ways that are not disrespectful.. There are children watching this and you are showing them the worst way to treat people!!!


dear steve, just started watching your programme on uk living tv, I think you are great, god knows how u keep your temper in check with half of the dumb asses on there, but more power to u, ur doing a grand job x


Steve is completely different to any other talk show host as he does not try to be detached from his guests. He gives some of them a very hard time but I believe he is sincere and seems to really care about children , I also like the fact that he does not subscribe to the addict as victim philosophy that is so prevalent these days,and which is very dangerous. Congratulations on your show Steve it is always worth watching. I am an alcoholic with 25 years continouous sobriety through AA , I stopped cold turkey and am convinced it is the best way


Hey to all, including Steve! I love this show. I think it's great and it has transposed Nancy Grace as my # 1 show on the air. I tivo it every day and wouldn't miss it. Right now, there are all repeats and I am waiting for when the new shows will start again. Steve, keep up the good work!


hey steve i like your show you really tell them dead beat moms and dad off and we would like to be on your show becouse we like it when you tell the people on your show how you fill sine virginia moore


Hey great Job Steve and crew! Love the show. I tell everyone I'm Steve's #1 Fan :)
We have a lot in common, same birthday,my dad served in Marines for 27 yrs. vet Korea and Vietnam.
my father and uncle were raised in Chicago and my uncle Foley was a Chicago Cop. I'm so happy Rich Dominick and Jerry have backed Steve,They will not regret it. Blessings in the New Year to you ad all your Staff. Sincerely Kim


I knew it was only a matter of time! I am waiting anxiously to see the 1st episode! I absolutely love it when Steve hosts on Jerry Springer- he has an intensity that you don't see often on other talk shows.
I am looking forward to seeing this!

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