Larry Birkhead: I Procreated with Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve

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Larry Birkhead doesn't merely insist he's the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

He knows the exact date he impregnated her mother.

Time with Daughter, Photographer

The presumed daddy says he bedded former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve 2006, a little more than one year ago.

Perhaps Birkhead should've protected himself a little better when he did because such gross actions - have you seen Anna Nicole Smith pictures? - have led to a bitter paternity battle with the reality TV star, who claims the baby's father is actually her lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern.

"I've always maintained from day one I was Dannielynn's father. My little baby was actually conceived last New Year's Eve," Larry said.

Sort of makes you more grateful for how you spent this December 31, doesn't it? Especially if you're Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.


Larry Birkhead sounds like an obsessive stalker type individual. Sure he seems cool on the witness stand, but then he's not the one who, within the last six months, has lost his companion Anna Nicole, his step son, , and stands to possibly lose his child and his home. How do you think you'd be reacting if you were under the stress being faced right now by Howard Stern? No way he killed her.




Everyone is talking all this crap about Howard K. Stern, but they are a bunch of retards. What the hell do they think that he is going to get out of Daniel and Anna Nicole dying? The will she made clearly excludes him, they were not even married, and if he is not the father of Dannilynn he stand to inherit nothing. He lost everything when she died. Get a life people and think about it.


I totally believe the baby is Larry's. Howard is a shady leach. Look at Howard's eyes, look at him during interviews, he's in total control of Anna. Why is it that people die when Howard's around? and also, didn't she start going downhill when he became her attorney during her TV series? Any man who loves you will do anything to get you off the drugs, not supply them. I wanna know more about Howard flushing Methedone down the toilet after Danial died. Howard's a scumbag and I hope justice is served bigtime.


The baby looks like Larry Birkhead, especially the eyes. Good Luck Larry! There is something fishy about Howard K> Stern ,Danny's death and now poor Anna Nicole Smith. I wonder why a loving partner would allow hi beloved to do the drugs, partying,etc. if he really cared. It seems strange that Howard didn't put his foot down and act like a man for his lady and demand that she get some real help. I mean isn't love suppose to conqure all? I think the bogus relationship between Howard and Anna was supposed to keep Larry Birkhead from fighting for his God given natural Fatherely rights. I hope the truth comes out soon and he gains custody. That baby resembles Larry and I think he would make a much more normal and stable Dad. Mary

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