Larry Birkhead: I Procreated with Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve

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Larry Birkhead doesn't merely insist he's the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

He knows the exact date he impregnated her mother.

Time with Daughter, Photographer

The presumed daddy says he bedded former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve 2006, a little more than one year ago.

Perhaps Birkhead should've protected himself a little better when he did because such gross actions - have you seen Anna Nicole Smith pictures? - have led to a bitter paternity battle with the reality TV star, who claims the baby's father is actually her lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern.

"I've always maintained from day one I was Dannielynn's father. My little baby was actually conceived last New Year's Eve," Larry said.

Sort of makes you more grateful for how you spent this December 31, doesn't it? Especially if you're Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.

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GO LARRY, she is adorable, looks like her daddy! Best of luck in securing her future. How safe is this child with HKS, I mean look at her mom and brother?!


as a gramma I noticed that pictures of Dannielynn in a car had her facing forward in her car seat, not back as required for her safe is that???? how saftey conscious is Howard Stern to allow that???


What the hell does HKS have to hide? Why was he dodging the paternity test? He KNOWS he is not Dani's dad. That's why. Get a life HKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give her to her REAL dad. I know you prolly love her and all but the crap is fixing to hit the fan! Birkhead is here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!! He will give her a loving home and also SHE IS HIS DAUGHTER! COME ON NOW!!!!!!! All you are seeing is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Larry deserves her.
GO LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cant wait till Tuesday! It has gone on TOOOOOOOOO long. GO LARRY! That poor baby(dannilynn) is going thru so much. BUT she is young enough to pull thru. Larry will treat her the best!~~ Im behind you Larry! I will scream for JOY when it is revealed that your her father.


I KNOW Larry is the daddy. I know he will be the best daddy ever! Good luck Larry. Im behind ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then Howard can find him a cozy cardboard box.


Vindictive??? Thats Larry Birkhead in case no one has noticed - not Howard. When Larry got JILTED he wrote awful emails to Anna. When larry promised NOT to sell pictures , his word didn't mean anything , when he got mad. Larrys excuse- I know I promised not to sell the pictures - but I have a good reason they made me mad- OH BOO HOO get even! Vindicative ???? He was so "VINDICTIVE" He could not even let a mother mourn her child before bringing her more heartache. When Larry does not get his way he wants to hurt people and does not care . I pray to God he is not that babies father.


If he cared about the child , he would have cared about the childs mother a little more RIGHT after her son died. Did you hear the emails he sent her? Was right after her son died a good time to tell her he was coming after her other child and she was going to pay child support? I mea what has the world come to that we have no compassion for a MOTHER that has just lost er child. Larry Birkhead lacks any kind of human copassion for others. The fight for DNA was between Anna and Larry not Howard and Larry, but as soon as Anna died before they could put her to rest Birkhead is out on TV downing Stearn as if it had been their fight. Couldn't he have waitd till Anna was put to rest before he started in on Howard about the DNA? Larry Birkhead is all about Larry. Oh and another thing if he thinks that baby was concieved on new yrs eve by him- he better do some better calulating. There is NO WAY.


I have every faith that Daniellynn is Larrys. He seems to really care about that child, and wanting to give her a good home. He may be young but there seems to be alot of love in his heart , and that is what counts. If wanting to see your child is being an obsessive stalker type than i guess most fathers are guilty of that . Best of Luck to you Larry.


Dannielynn Birkhead's father is Larry Birkhead.
"End of Story" Howard is just dragging this out for his own financial gain..where Larry (all he wants to gain)
is his daughter to be with him. I have never seen such vindicativeness in my life such as Howard K. Stern Has displayed. Only prove the universe is right (Stern is a natural born looser) I wish somebody would throw him in a live volcano.


Good luck on DNA Tuesday, Larry - being a Mom of a wee one, I can't imagine what you're going through. All the best to you. God bless.

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