Larry Birkhead: I Procreated with Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve

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Larry Birkhead doesn't merely insist he's the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

He knows the exact date he impregnated her mother.

Time with Daughter, Photographer

The presumed daddy says he bedded former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve 2006, a little more than one year ago.

Perhaps Birkhead should've protected himself a little better when he did because such gross actions - have you seen Anna Nicole Smith pictures? - have led to a bitter paternity battle with the reality TV star, who claims the baby's father is actually her lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern.

"I've always maintained from day one I was Dannielynn's father. My little baby was actually conceived last New Year's Eve," Larry said.

Sort of makes you more grateful for how you spent this December 31, doesn't it? Especially if you're Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.

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I don't understand how you can blame Larry Birkhead for demanding his daughter after Danny's death! For crying out loud, the mother was on drugs and obviously being enabled by Stern. One person was dead under very suspicious circumstances, and if it had been my child, I would have wanted to get her ASAP before she came to harm also. As for waiting until Anna Nicole was buried to ask for DNA, he asked for the DNA long before she died and in an attempt to keep Larry from access to the baby, they tried to pull that Bahaman birth certificate trick, which was probably Howard K. Stern's idea. Looks like it did not work, though. Silly rabbits ... tricks are for kids!


what do you know-as most of us knew the baby is Larry's-so what happens with your can't be his cuase of the conception date theories now. I have had two children-one 3 weeks early the other 2 weeks. The delv date is not an exact science-only God knows when it will come.


i'm glad Dannielynn will get to meet her birth father,but in the same time i'm sadden about it also because she's already attached to howard and that she will never get to she her mom again. I feel anna really loved her baby girl and it breaks my heart to know anna's not here any more for her. i hope larry keeps vergie away from the baby, if larry loved anna like he says he did then he will keep her wishes.all vergies after is money to pay her lawyers! she cared so much about anna that she mistreated her and how she covered anna's grave up with such hate as if she enjoyed it and how she walked on her daughter's grave, she's a sick women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How can you feel sorry for Howard? He knew he wasn't the father. You could tell in the interview. When the first asked him if he was the father, his eyes looked down and to the side before he answered... he has lying through his teeth. Just like her!!
The person to feel sorry for is Larry. He is the one who has been denied his daughter the first few months of her life.


i for one feel bad for howard dont get me wrong i like larry he seems nice im glad dannielynn will know her father but she should also know howard he was the one her mother spent the last months of her life with he could really prove to be a lot of help howard is gettin a lot of hatred from the deaths of anna and daniel when he may not have had anything to do with em and furthermore vergie should get her head out of her butt and stop accusing howard then maybe she woulda had a chance to see dannielynn LARRY BE CAREFUL OF VERGIE SHE MAKES EVEN ME NERVOUS


I'm glad Dannielynn will finally know who her birth father is. No matter what happens between parents, a child should never pay the price. Dannileynn has every right to know who her parents are. Hopefully, Larry will put any money that Dannielynn stands to gain in a trust for her. And hopefully he will seek counseling on how to help this little girl adjust and cope with the loss of a mother she never knew.


Glad Larry is the daddy..... Stern looks sneaky for some reason, I believe he knew all along he was not the daddy. Can something happen legally for false information being put on the birth certificate? Someone lied on a legal document.... I am angry with Anna as well (rest in peace) she had to have know Larry was in fact the daddy and still denied him that right and was going to continue to do that had she survived. Why hurt another human being like that...she was wrong and hurtful to keep him from his daughter and lie about paternity.




I Am So Happy For Larry I Think that Howard Was Only After Anna Nicole's Money. He Was Only Wanting to Be The baby's Daddy Just For The Money That Was Coming With Her And The Baby's Daddy.


I am happy for Larry. I think he is a moral and ethical person He is a down-home "straight-shooter" Good luck Larry!

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