Larry Birkhead: I Procreated with Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve

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Larry Birkhead doesn't merely insist he's the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

He knows the exact date he impregnated her mother.

Time with Daughter, Photographer

The presumed daddy says he bedded former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith on New Year's Eve 2006, a little more than one year ago.

Perhaps Birkhead should've protected himself a little better when he did because such gross actions - have you seen Anna Nicole Smith pictures? - have led to a bitter paternity battle with the reality TV star, who claims the baby's father is actually her lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern.

"I've always maintained from day one I was Dannielynn's father. My little baby was actually conceived last New Year's Eve," Larry said.

Sort of makes you more grateful for how you spent this December 31, doesn't it? Especially if you're Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.

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Heck with Lary Birkhead! Don't fall for that guy. you don't even know about him personaly.
He isn't very friendly. I cannot image you America people fall for him..this time don't fall till you find out the truth about him.


Hey Larry, I am so happy for you and your baby girl!! Children are a gift to us from God and I do truly believe that God is on your side and has given you your little angel back. Sorry for all the heart ache that you had to go through to get to this point today, but I know that it will all be well worth it. Good luck in the future, I know you will make a super Daddy!!


I am so glad Larry is the real dad! Larry, you have a beautiful baby. I noticed you can't quit kissing her. Thats how I was when my son was a baby.I know you are a wonderful dad. Please keep Dannielynn as far from vergie as you can.She raised Anna and look what happened to her! Good luck Larry!


Thumbs up Larry! Dannylynn looks just like you with those beautiful eyes. Look who won in the long run? It was larry because God will not see anyone taking a child away that does not belong to its rightful parent. As for Howard K. Stern he is gonna have to go back to California start working and find himself another client to live off of. And has for his stupid sister talking on those shows she was on makes me sick saying Stern was the father................WHAT A BIG LAUGH YOU IDIOT.


Everyone that looked at that Dannielyn knew the father was Larry.I wouldn't let Virgie have a thing to do with her.Anna was Anna and she did what ever she wanted.Howard didn't force her to take the pills.GOOD LUCK LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!


why is it taking so long for larry to bring his daughter home ? howaed k stern by now should not have anything to do with her . the only thing he ever did was keep a dad away from his daughter . what morals this man has . if i were larry i would sue him to high heaven. charges should also be brung up on him. he knew all along he was not the father . this man is the creapest person on earth


Poor Anna must be turning in her grave. Only Anna knows why she didn't want Larry Birkhead to be a father to poor little Dannielyn. I am quite sure he will love her and raise her well, But what a slap in the face to his "Sweet Anna Nicole" to let Virgie Arthur in her daughter's life. It was quite apparent she didn't want Virgie anywhere near that baby. How terribly sad. Money truly is the root of all evil, look what it has done here.


im so happy that dannilynns father is larry because he will do a great job raising her and she will have a wonderful life i just wish the best of luck to bothof them and may god be with them im sure anna is looking down at both of them smileing!!!!!!


This is an awful situation all the way around. People blame HKS for Anna taking prescription drugs, yes, his name might have been on some of the bottles, but so were many others, AND, he did not force her to take them. She had a problem with drugs long before he came along. As far as baby, Dannilynn, I feel for that precious angel. She's had it bad right from the start. A mother that's hooked on drugs, her brother dies, then her mother dies, and the only father she knows will now probably be lost to her. As far as the biological father, none of us know what he's really like. It sounds like he's out for himself. How can someone who claims to love his child, threaten the mother? That's not love, that's control. And about Grandma, there had to be some awful reason that Anna felt she had to leave home at a young age to get away from her.
I just hope and pray that Dannilynn's future is full of hope, love and dreams and with someone who will do right by and for her.


i'm glad it's finally over i just want that baby to be left alone and to finally meet her real dad, although i do feel a little bad for HKS! but mainly for the baby because as she gets older she's gonna hear all sorts of stories about her mother and brother daniel and thats not going to be easy for her!

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