Kurban in Trouble as Amanda Wyatt Admits to Affair with Keith Urban

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Nicole Kidman looked so happy as she supported her drug-addicted husband over the holidays.

But looks can be deceiving. Almost as deceiving as Keith Urban himself.

Kidman and Urban go Australian

While the couple was reuniting and Kurban fans everywhere were celebrating, part-time lingerie model Amanda Wyatt was opening up ... about the affair she had with Urban while he was married to Kidman.

"I'm sorry if I hurt Nicole, but I just want to tell the truth and move on," Wyatt, pictured here with Urban in 2005, said. "I hope that she finds happiness with him, but Keith is a deeply troubled man."

Poor Nicole. First, she was married to Tom Cruise and then he went insane. Now, she's forced to deal with infidelity.

On the plus side, Kidman looks beautiful in recent pictures with Daniel Craig. But those won't keep her warm at night. We wish her the best of luck.


OKAY let me start out by saying that none of you have the right to judge Amanda!! Were you there no so no one realy knows what happen but them and GOD!!!!!! you all sit there and judge her for what? for being who she is and staying true to her self? Most of the people in this world are to afaid to be them selfs so why dont you take inventory of your self and then judge no one is perfect and we all make misteaks i myself have made many but you always no matter what have to stay true to yourself... Every thing happens for a reason EVERYTHING!!!!


Sylvia Lawson
If keith did cheat with Amanda, he and Nicole lied about Keith cheating made amanda look like a skank. I feel bad for Amanda. I beleive Karma will get the best of Keith and Nicole because thet both know that Keith was guilty too. Nicole is protecting her career more than her marriage.


Amanda Wyatt was just aired on the Nashville new station 2 Of course she was coming out of a court room after being charged with assault in a bar room fight. She claimed she never said any of that to the press that it was all fabracted by the new writer. In the interview There was also a local musician on who stood up for her, and stated that she was involved with Urban. He stated Wyatt was filmed in one of his music videos. He was the artist who in 2006 ran the Tour for a Cure scam that took money for Cancer Research for children. He received donation and never donated the funds. Even the foundations he had set for the donations to go for dropped him for his false claims. His tour never took off and none of the funds were ever returned. Wondering now if Amanda was also part of that scam.


I am a big fan of Keith Urban, and I have to say something. Nobody knows the true stories of people unless you hear it from them. And if he is not telling the truth, that is him who can deal with it. There is a fine line between entertainment and personal life. People cross it everyday by worrying about everybody else. If more focus was on your own life, you would be a better person your own self. He is just like everyone else, he has problems. Let him and his wife and God deal with him!!! Let's just support the people we love even in tough times. I wish Keith and Nicole the best of luck no matter what happens. See you on the road, Keith!!!


One more thing. Keith Urban has denied this story, calling it "ficticous". I didn't see that part in the original post.


It's now clear why Keith Urban went into voluntary rehab - he knew Wyatt was about to blow the whistle on him and it was a strategy to save his marriage - blame it all on booze and drugs and check into a program - this way, it "wasn't his fault". Pathetic, really. No new bride deserves this. Urban, grow up. Former Keith Urban fan.


I love Keith. And I will admit was very sad when I found out about him and Nicole. Definitely tried to find the flaws... however the day they were married showed the love between he and Nicole, and I wish them the very best. The good Lord will take care of them.. However I do have an interesting question... Why is Miss Amanda Wyatt coming out that she and Keith dated now????? wow after he went into rehab? Why not before they were married? Or when it was all over the news that he and Nicole were dating? True Love always wins!! Sorry Amanda, and apologizing to Nicole for having to tell?? That is almost funny too... especially after the news portayed you as a bar fighting whatever.... Nicole is a real lady.. Lots of love and luck to both Keith and Nicole.

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